A citv movie telling the story

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Ernie: [humming but notices the audience] Hi there everybody! Welcome to the movie! Hey, we're so glad you came! Now this movie... [Bert comes in, with a shower headress and a towel]

Bert: Ernie! Listen, Ernie. I'm going to take a shower. Have you seen my anti-bacterial soap?

Ernie: Uh, no Bert. I haven't

Bet: Oh. [Ernie comes back to us]

Ernie: Now, this movie you're all about to see is all about, Lydia deetz from the cartoon, beetlejuice.

Bert: Who are you talking to?

Ernie: The audience, Bert. They're right here.

Bert: Huh?

Ernie: See?

Bert: [gasps] Wow! Look at all those people! Hey, nice cardigan. [laughs with Ernie]

Ernie: Now, in this movie, Lydia deetz is going to ask for your help. She wants you to talk and play along.

Bert: Uh, how do we start?

Ernie: It's easy. Just count backwards from 10.

Bert: OK!

Ernie: You see, Bert. That's how you start a movie, Bert.

Bert: Oh!

Ernie: Can you all help us count backwards from ten?

Kids in Audience: Yeah!

Ernie: Ready? Yell real loud! [A countdown, looking similar to the classic SMPTE film leader comes on]

Ernie, Bert, kids in Audience: Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! [The background turns into a cloudy scenery]

Ernie: Do you think you going to put some clothes on now?

Bert: What? [he notices, and screams. He runs away]

Ernie: Enjoy the movie, everybody. We hope this film includes me and bert [The title comes on. The camera goes to Lydia’s apartment where she is sleeping. A cuckoo-clock's hatch opens. But instead of the usual 1-12 repeating cuckoo sounds...]

Cuckoo bird: WAKE UP!

Lydia: Aaah! [falls out of bed] I’m up! I’m up! I’m... [notices the audience] Wow! Hello, everybody. I am lydia deetz

(Lydia turned on the tv, morning song from what a wonderful day plays)

Lydia: i’m Ready for today!

(lydia got her hat and she went to citv studios)

(at citv studios)

Stephen mulhern: hello lydia, welcome to citv!

lydia: thank you mr mulhern

Danielle nicholls: you can put your bag down and walk to the studio sets you wanna be in

(at mr bean the animated series studio set)

Mr bean: oh hello! I’m mr bean, and you are?

lydia: lydia deetz!

mr bean: nice to meet you, and hey, teddy likes to see you

lydia deetz: aw! He’s so cute!

(at Pokemon sun and moon the series studio set)

Professor kukui: okay class, today we will... Lydia deetz! Where did you come from?

Lydia deetz: I came all the way from Warner bros studio

professor kukui: class, meet lydia, she is a cartoon character from beetlejuice

(after meeting all citv stars)

professor kukui: Hey lydia, I got to tell you a little secret

lydia deetz: what’s that?

professor kukui: remember

lydia deetz: you know under the Alolan sun, AKA the theme from Pokémon Sun and Moon series?

professor kukui: yep

lydia deetz: ok mr kukui, let er rip!

Ash ketchum: ok Professor, after three! One, two, three!

Professor Kukui: I could get used to this heat on my skin

I can feel everyday (lydia deetz: Oh, yeah!)

I'm a little bit stronger

I only wish each day was longer, yeah! (Lillie: yes sir!)

Now we're having fun in the sun, the Alolan sun (Lana, kiawe and mallow: Yes!

week after week

It's just like we're on vacation, yeah! (Sophocles: give us a big finish!)

Our journeys begun

friends til the end (Lydia deetz: yes!)

Number one's our destination

under the Alolan sun (ash Ketchum, Lillie, Lana, mallow, Sophocles And kiawe: bring it home kukui!)


lydia deetz: THAT WAS GREAT! WOO!


(at the Clarissa Explains it all set, the darlings are setting up the movie theater)

sam: Yo lydia, what if you star in the next film

professor kukui: Hey! What about me?

clarissa: are you in the next film?

professor kukui: yep

clarissa: now, remember, lunchtime from what a wonderful day can be heard at the movies

K.C Cooper: And for me and Ernie Cooper, we’re going to star in it

clarissa: so, we’re gonna call it, trouble at the movies

(the purple hand gang and the secret club came)

lydia: EEK! Its a horrid boy

professor kukui: no need to threat

(minutes later)

sam: trouble at the movies, Take one

clarissa: and, action!

ferguson: ok, we got have seats left

lydia: exscuse me, (gasps) what, horrid boy? What are you up to now?

(what a wonderful day starts)

Lydia deetz: YUCK!

horrid Henry: i’m Henry, horrid Henry!

lydia deetz: what are you doing?

horrid Henry: taping my fingers

lydia deetz: what are you up to now?

horrid Henry: haircut!

lydia deetz: I don’t wanna haircut

(Minutes later)

clarissa: And Cut! Thanks everyone!

(everyone leaves, but the screen becomes a wormhole)

lydia deetz: uh! Wait a second, is that a wormhole? (Flies away) WHEEEEEE!

Ferguson: have a nice trip

(lydia deetz is how at kablammy world)

lydia deetz: how did I came here?

henry: hello lydia, i’m Henry

june: And i’m June, welcome to kablam!

lydia deetz: thanks

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