Plot Edit

Picking up from where the story left off, Lydia deetz, Henry, and June enjoyed the whole kablammy world

Transcript Edit

(At candy island)

Henry: lydia, let us introduce an island

lydia deetz: wow, what are these little cuties?

Henry: okay people listen up! Lydia deetz is the girl who is a cartoon

lydia deetz: me?

Henry: yes, today we are going to preform candy island song

(all candy personalitys cheering and wooing)

lydia deetz: Wait What?

June: well then let's do it!

lydia deetz: (reveals her swimsuit)

Henry: where are the lickies? do you know? do you know? do you know?

June: on candy island! gotta go, gotta go, gotta go!

Henry: Cherry or Watermelon?

June: on a stick, or on a line.

Henry and June: We love Candy island! we can't wait! we can't wait! we can't wait! (With lydia deetz) Candy Island (candy island) Candy Island (candy island)

June: it isn't just the toothbrush that makes an extra nice!

Henry and June: (With lydia deetz) Candy Island (candy island) Candy Island (candy island)

Henry: a chance to be with friends like me (With lydia deetz) in the kablammy world!

(Cut to the citv station)

Mr bean: lydia Is doing backing vocals, eh?

bonnie Langford: yes, she’s doing backing vocals, they’re singing the medley

Bert: well, we’d better be otherwise there’ll Be trouble

ernie: I know bert

Henry: there's a lollipoppy in the tree

June: spinning around like a skittle, where we can find it.

Henry: a Hershey chocolate kisses! Then we will stop by the peppermint mountain!

June: for the new skateboard tasty treats, in a m&m candy flavors.

Henry and June: we love candy stuff! awesome, awesome, awesome! Laughing and chasing, but you can't get hurt if you need it, and it's fun to play with candy, and with a toy shopping together! Let's have fun at the candy island! Flippity Flop, Flippity Flop, Flippity Flop! (With lydia deetz) Candy Island (candy island) Candy Island (candy island)!

Henry: with every type and shape of little or big, black or white!

Henry and June: (With lydia deetz) Candy Island (candy island) Candy Island (candy island)! 

June: Without a doubt, I don't feel left out, (with Lydia deetz) Let's have some candy everyday! 

Henry and June: All the flavor of a slice, Of the kablammy world! Raisin are not so bad! YEAH!!!!!!

lydia deetz: WOO!

(Cut Back To citv studios)

Timmy mallett: it’s obvious, utterly obvious, remember when I host wacaday, my catchphrase was bleugh

Bonnie Langford: mr mallett, your a star! You also did a song which is Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikin, remember 29 years ago?

Pat sharp: try your luck on... fun house!

Mr bean: fantastic! something good

professor kukui: Guys, look, Lydia ended the song with a woo

lydia deetz: as a matter of fact, thank you

professor kukui:

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