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Picking Up from where we left off, Lydia and Professor kukui notices that h&j are taking a bath, however. Lydia’s helper and host, 9 volt, came to her

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Henry: let's play in the bathtub, june!

June: yay!

lydia deetz: What did they mean by what?

dawn: I don’t know

hector: we must tell the other citv presenters

(Both climbed in the tub and got out those bath toys)

Henry: it's been fun to play with dirt, getting grubby doesn't hurt 

June: but at the end of messy play 

Henry and June: it's time to clean the dirt away 

June: before I eat, I have a wash

Henry: rub a dub, splish splash splosh 

Henry and June: this is what I always do

To wash off germs and stinky poo 

Henry: soap on my fingers and in between, make sure that they are really clean 

June: rinse and dry, then I'm done

Henry and June: a wash with CBeebies is so much fun.

(henry and june laughing)

(Cut to kablammy school)

Professor kukui: alright class, since you know this is kablammy world, today we’ll be doing some adding, Lillie, what is 1 add 1

lillie: two

professor kukui: good job! Ash, what is 5 add 5?

Lydia deetz: the answer is, COME ON PROFESSOR KUKUI! ITS TIME TO DANCE!

(Music starts and some monsters are to dance. Mr bean is in the tub with his Teddy)

Professor kukui: wha? Lydia?! What the? What are all these monsters doing here?

Mr bean: There's a brand new dance! And it's got a reggae beat! You do it in the bath (lydia: I think they are doing the teddy) while you wash your hands and feet, how neat! Get in the tub! Put your 'teddy in your lap! Tap your toes while you scrub (professor kukui: no, please!) in the water from the tap

CHORUS:...and do the Scrub, Scrub, teddy Scrub Scrub, do the Scrub, Scrub, teddy Scrub Scrub, do the Scrub, Scrub, (Lydia: come on profesor kukui, dance!) teddy Scrub Scrub, do the Scrub Scrub, (Professor kukui: But i’m Teaching the class some maths, get out everybody!) teddy Scrub, teddy Scrub Scrub!

Mr bean: Come on everybody try! 

(Applejack, Discord, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Spike, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Tommy pickles all sing for the following parts, marked "all"): Do de teddy Scrub!

Mr bean: Don't be left high and dry!

All: Yeah, do de teddy Scrub

Mr bean: As you keep on getting wetter

All: Do de teddy Scrub

Mr bean: You'll be feeling so much better!

All: Do de teddy Scrub

Mr bean: You will not feel any pain

All: Do de teddy Scrub

Mr bean: And you can even wash your hair!

All: While you do de teddy Scrub

Mr bean: It will leave a healthy sheen

All: Do de teddy Scrub

Mr bean: And keep your body squeaky clean!

All: When you Do de teddy Scrub


Mikey: Don't get soap in your eye

All: While you do de teddy Scrub

Mikey: 'Cause that'll make you cry

All: Yeah do de teddy Scrub

Discord: All you lords of chaos sing!

All: Do the Gummy Scrub

Discord: Yeah, make the bathtub ring

All: Do the Gummy Scrub

Spike: Everybody knows

All: How to do de teddy Scrub

Spike: Scrub your spikes and scales and toes

All: Yeah do the Gummy Scrub

Princess Luna: And as you wash away your troubles...

All: Do the Gummy Scrub

Princess Luna: ...don't forget, the fun's been DOUBLED!! Ha-ha!


Applejack: All around the world

All: They do the Gummy Scrub

Applejack: When our manes get unfurled

All: We do the Gummy Scrub

Rarity: Watch them splishin' and a-splashin'

All: As They do de teddy Scrub

Rarity: It's the very latest fashion!

All: Yeah do the Gummy Scrub

Princess Celestia: Take at least one bath a day

All: Do the Gummy Scrub

Princess Celestia: And let friendship lead the way!

All: When you do the Gummy Scrub

Rainbow Dash: Come on, be a bathtime ruler.

All: Yeah do the Gummy Scrub

Rainbow Dash: You'll feel 20 percent cooler!

All: When you do the Gummy Scrub

(all sang the chorus lots of times, however....)

professor kukui: mr bean, you know your not supposed to sing and dance during class

mr bean: whoops

professor kukui: What?! Don’t you know lydia deetz is the only person, get out of the tub this minute!

mr bean: sorry kukui, if I get out, Lydia is going to turn me into a bug!

professor kukui: how dare you talk to me like that, now get off or i’ll Take my shoe to ya

mr bean: never!

Professor kukui: I said get out of the tub, or i’ll Get lydia so she’ll injure you!

rude ralph: and your gonna join us

aerobic al: and us

(When Mrs battle axes class came to the tub)

moody maragret: take a load of lydia, she used to be a cartoon

sour Susan: yeah, be a cartoon

professor kukui: you brats have ten seconds to get out of the tub, or i’ll Have every last one of you expelled! One, two...

(mr bean and everybody sang the chorus again)

professor kukui: that’s it! I quit!

(During the chorus, Twilight Sparkle can be seen outside the bathroom, knocking on it, with a confused and somewhat irritated look on her face)

(Back at the bathroom)

Henry: gee we sure they we have some fun at this bathtub june.

June: I understand that we love to most henry. you are my best friend.

Henry: Thank you sweetheart.

Anna williamson: hey guys. how's it going?

Henry: we were just singing the cbeebies wash song by me and june!

Anna Williamson: COOL! Can I sit on a chair?

Henry and June: Sure Anna!

Anna Williamson: Can I also wear a mask too?

Henry and June: Yes. it makes us laugh together.

Anna Williamson: ALL right! (walks away)

Henry: gee. we sure that lilly's going to get her mask ready.

(at 8pm)

stephen mulhern: Henry, June, time to get out!

henry and June: coming! (leaves the bathroom, Lydia deetz enters the bathroom)

9 volt: surprise!

lydia deetz: who are you?

9 volt: i’m 9 volt, And We bring you, kablammy world!

lydia deetz: yay! That will be fun!

9-Volt: Glad to hear it!

Lydia deetz: thanks! So what can I do for you?

9 Volt: I am here that all the citv presenters are in jail, look!

(Cut to jail)

police: get in, now!

Timmy mallett: please, if you’d listen to us

(Cut back To bathroom)

9-Volt: Wow! How did they get sent there?

lydia deetz: because they are forced to tell mr bean to get out

9-Volt: Good for you, lydia!

(the next morning, Ernie Sings wake up to lydia)

9 volt: good morning lydia, today’s the day That you and me are going to the main event!

lydia deetz: cool!

9-Volt: Glad to see this!

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