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Henry: mr gadget?

june: um, mr gadget, he isn’t telling us

(then the two walks)

Henry: So, what should we do?

June: let’s go to the Snick house for a awesome performance

Henry: Yeah, thats a good idea

(at the Snick house)

Nick cannon: yo! Henry, June, welcome to the party! You ready to hit the night?

Both: yes mr cannon

Nick cannon: good! Cause tonight there’s rugrats, the Amanda show, Eddie mcdowd and all that, so, wanna show a video of you two performing on the all that stage?

henry: Yeah, you’ll show us a video after the show is finished

Nick cannon: good yo! The party starts with rugrats!!

(Everyone cheers)

(While the rugrats credits are playing)

(Amanda show credits playing)

nick cannon: yo The duo made their hit, now online at, you chose between, kablammy song

(Audience cheering)

nick cannon: Reach for the stars

(Audience cheering)

nick cannon: summer nights

(Audience cheering)

nick cannon: and dancing queen

(Audience cheering)

nick cannon: who scored your favourite h&j music video, if these two knows, and they’re here to perform the song live, just for you, with your number 3 nick click pick, let’s hear it for H&J!!

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