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(in the flipper universe, Henry putted on his red trunks and an arm band, while June puts on a yellow bikini and a leg bracelet on her foot)

june: do we look like polynesians

henry: yep

(bud and sandy ricks emerges)

bud ricks: Henry! June!

june: ricks!

sandy ricks: finally, how on earth did you came here?

henry: you know, it turns worse when the people all chant do de rubber duck (BibleTalesClassicz Style) over and over!

Sandy ricks: aw, anyways, take flipper

henry and June: ok! (Stops as they hear a helicopter)

june: did you hear that?

henry: hear what?

gumby: (over the megaphone) i’m Going to say this, your swimming with dolphins, But why? Because flipper is a dolphin

goo: Yeah

june: But what about beej and lyds

pokey: they are up

prickle: when Lydia is doing some trick or treating, she said I will go trick-or-treating, I will dress up as a naughty school girl!

lydia deetz: are you talking about me?

Henry: yes! You!

(Back at Nickelodeon studios)

Katrina: (to the viewer) Hello Everybody, I think it's time for the Super Music Worldwide Friends Show

Josh: Oh look, it's starting

Singers: If you like Nickelodeon, clap your hands

If you like Nickelodeon, stomp your feet

If you like the Super Music Worldwide Friends Show, sing out loud

If you like the Super Music Worldwide Friends Show, sway your arms

It's Super Music Worldwide Friends come on

La (6x)

Alisa: And now, here they are with their own track Lydia, a parody of flipper, (with arnold And his students) here's Justin and Sarah Jane (The Caucasian siblings)!

Justin and Sarah Jane (The Caucasian siblings): Everyone loves the girl of the sea Ever so kind and gentle like her Many Tricks she will do when children appear And how they laugh and saw her become a beautiful mermaid

They call her lydia, Lydia Deetz, faster than lightning No one, you see, is pretty than her And we know Lydia Deetz lives in a world full of wonder She’s Swimming and smiling, under the sea


Listening and Dancing to Music is Awesome!

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