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Lydia Deetz: (Amanda Todd impression) I wonder what's on TV.

TV Announcer: Coming up next, it's the Fimbles on Cbeebies, stay tuned.

(Amanda Todd is feeling horrified, and she felt annoyed)

Lydia Deetz: (Amanda todd impression) No, the Fimbles suck like the Tweenies. this show sucks. But what should we do.

(She thinks)

Lydia Deetz: (Amanda Todd impression) Hey, I got an idea, let's kill the Fimbles once and for all.

Kurst: Here is the Cbeebies Headquarters!

(Amanda Todd entered Cbeebies Headquarters, and then she walked through the hallway to find the room where the Fimbles were. Then she entered the room and confronted the Fimbles)

Lydia Deetz: (amanda Todd impression) Time to die, Fimbles!

Fimbo: Hello, we're the Fimbles. I'm Fimbo.

Florrie: I'm Florrie.

Baby Pom: And I'm Baby Pom. What is your name?

Lydia Deetz (Amanda Todd impression): Amanda Todd

Florrie: Do you want to play with us?

Lydia Deetz (Amanda Todd impression): No! We're here to kill you three because your show is garbage.

(The Fimbles were horrified)

Fimbo: No no no no no no no no no no no! Please don't kill us!

Lydia Deetz (Amanda Todd impression): Too bad! Time to die! (to Fimbo) Alright, Fimbo! Time to die!


(Amanda equipped her gun and shot Fimbo, and Fimbo fell to the ground)

Kurst: One dead! Two to kill!

Florrie: Oh no! Kurst killed Fimbo! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Lydia Deetz (Amanda impression: Oh shut up, Florrie, you idiot! Time to die, Florrie!


(Amanda equipped her gun and shot Florrie, and Florrie fell to the ground)

Baby Pom: Oh no! I can't believe the 15 year old killed Fimbo and Florrie! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Lydia Deetz (Amanda Todd impression): Sorry, Baby Pom! You're the last one to be killed now! Time to die!


(Amanda equipped her gun and shot Baby Pom, and Baby Pom fell to the ground. Amanda cheered)

Lydia Deetz (Amanda Todd impression): Yay! The Fimbles are dead for good! Wait until everybody sees this!

(at school)

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