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(at the last day of school, at the playground, the kids are having recess, after that)

Tina: So, it’s the last day of school

Billy: Yes, Tina, it is. And Are You Gonna Throw Me Out Of The Group?

Tina: Not Anymore I’m Not.

Billy: Good!

Beth: Hey Guys, let’s enjoy some table tennis!

Tina: good idea Beth, Let's go play table tennis inside!

Paul: But they placed it in the first day, and the pool table, it’s at room 51

Gordon: That's a good idea, Paul! Let's go!

Tina: Okay guys! Let's take some ping pong balls, tables and tennis rackets together!

Virgil: Good idea! Let's go!

So the populars carried some ping pong balls, two tables and tennis rackets on the way to the school building and then they went inside it. They walked along the hallway and they went upstairs. They walked on the way to room 51 and they entered it.

Tina: Alright, guys! Listen up, This is the room Where it has pool tables, and a table tennis table

Billy: That's a good idea, Tina!

Beth: Beth's the name, tennis' the game. Now let's play table tennis!

(So the populars started playing table tennis together.) 

Virgil: Wow! This is awesome!

Gordon: I know right, Virgil? 

Paul: (Chuckles) This is fun Tina!

Tina: I know, Paul! It sure is!

Beth: I agree with Tina!

The Populars kept on playing table tennis. 

Tina: Wow! This is fun! 

Billy: It sure is, Tina!

(Then the populars stopped playing table tennis.)

Tina: Wow! What a game!

Beth: It sure is, Tina! Let's do it again!

Tina: Yeah, let's do it!

(So the populars continued to play table tennis, the intro begins)

Grubby groo: Dey nervous, dey nebbish, dey small, and the Populars sure like them at all. But that's okay. Life is sweet. Dey hip. Dey got Festive. The Off-Beats will party. Hopefully, they'll have some fun at Christmas.

(after the intro)

Betty Anne bongo: So, lets have fun

(at the classroom)

teacher: Merry Christmas, everyone! Enjoy your Christmas break!

(Then the kids including the Offbeats started to go home)

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