Clyde's dad-Diesel


Anastasia does a good job and it takes place right after Mundy failed to push Kal off the rooftop.


Clyde: Man, I can't believe that Mundy's plan to push Kal off the rooftop failed after Anastasia stopped him! I need to get back at him! I know! I will push Kal in the crocodile pit!

(at Anastasia's house)

Anastasia: Oh no! My boyfriend is in danger! I'm going to stop the person who's going to push him in!

Clyde went off to the zoo, and then he entered the zoo. Then he saw Kal in front of the crocodile pit.

Clyde: Time to push Kal into the crocodile pit! Lunchtime, crocs!

Anastasia: Not so fast!

Kal: Hooray! I'm saved!

Clyde: Not Anastasia!

Anastasia: That's right and if you dare try to push my boyfriend in the crocodile pit, I will call the zookeeper to ban you from this zoo!

Clyde: Then, I'm outta here!

(at home)

Clyde's dad: I heard you tried to push Kal in the crocodile pit!

Clyde: But Dad, that was the only way to get back at him after Mundy failed to push him off the rooftop.

Clyde's dad: I don't care! It's a good thing Anastasia caught you! You are grounded grounded grounded for 2 days! Go to your room now!

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