This is the sequel to Elsa makes a Blizzard and gets grounded. 


Me: Hi, this is Fluttershy106 with a quick update. For those who make grounded videos out of Elsa are missing the point. Her powers are revealed for a reason. It's not to set off an eternal winter in Arendelle. It's because of her fear. Anyways, this is my first "gets warned" video out of Anna and this is the first appearance of Anna and Elsa's mother. Enjoy. 

Iduna: Anna, your sister Elsa just told me you grounded her and sent her up to her room. Why would you do that? Now she's crying and she can't stop.

Anna: Mom, I grounded her because she made a blizzard and it was still August. Also, her powers make everything worse.

Iduna: I'll give you that, but her powers are revealed because of fear, not to do harm to Arendelle. I'm going to let you off the hook with a warning. If I see you doing that to her again, you'll be grounded and I mean it this time. 

(Elsa is in her room still crying)

Anna: Elsa.

Elsa: Go away. Leave me alone.

Anna: Please, you have to believe me. 

Elsa: What do you want?

Anna: I'm sorry for grounding you along with Kristoff and Olaf. I should have realized your powers have a purpose.

(Anna and Elsa walk downstairs to their mom)

Iduna: Anna, did you apologize to Elsa?

Anna: I sure did Mom. 

Me: And so, Anna and Elsa apologized to each other and they got along.

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