(sequel to Lawson Beats Up Ashley A and Gets Grounded)

Near the supermarket, Ashley was confronting Lawson and she was angry with him who was horrifed. 

Ashley A: Lawson, I'm going to beat up you back for beating me up!

Lawson: Nononononononononono! Please don't beat me up back! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Ashley A began to beat up Lawson, and she kept punching him, and then she knocked him out. Lawson was hurt and he began to cry.

Lawson: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 

Ashley: That's what you get! I'm going home right now and don't you think about doing something bad to me again!

Then Ashley A went home. 

Back home, Mr and Mrs Armbruster were very proud of Ashley A.

Mr Armbruster: Ashley, we're so glad you beat up Lawson! 

Mrs Armbruster: Yeah, he's the worst bully in Third Street School ever! That's what he gets for beating you up! 

Mr Armbruster: Yeah, that was the right thing to do that! You are no longer grounded anymore! 

Mrs Armbruster: You can do anything you want, Ashley!

Ashley A went off, feeling happy.

Ashley A: Thank you mum and dad! Thank you all so much!


Emma as Ashley Armbruster

Eric as Lawson and Mr Armbruster

Kate as Mrs Armbruster

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