Baboon: Skunk You're Ungrounded fill free to do what ever you want.

Skunk: Alright Thanks Baboon.

Baboon: Yes I Ungrounded Skunk!

Skunk: Red Death, Baboon Ungrounded so i can enjoy what ever i want.

The Red Death: GRRRRR!!! Baboon How Dare you Ungrounded Skunk That's Go Home!

Baboon: Oh Man!

The Red Death: And You You're Grounded Grounded Until Baboon & Dragon Die.

[cut at Baboon's house]

Tai Lung: Baboon I Very Disappointed in you for Ungrounded.

Baboon: But Tai Lung, Lord Shen & Kai I Ungrounded Skunk because he ain't a troublemaker.

Lord Shen: It's Not your Business to Ungrounded Skunk and because of it you're gonna be punished.

Kai: That's It Your Grounded Grounded Grounded Until you and Dragon Die.

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