Baboon: Stupid Stupid Grounded Days, I Hate Grounded Days, What do we have here?

[Baboon Watches Midsommar trailer]

Baboon: Alright, Midsommar i got to let Dragon know about this trailer.

[meanwhile at dragon's house]

Dragon: What's This? Awesome Midsommar!

(at the Cinema)

Baboon: Are you Ready for Midsommar?

Dragon: You Bet.

(meanwhile at Baboon's House)

Tai Lung: What's this? (Looks Shocked at Midsommar trailer at his Iphone) Oh My Goodness!

Lord Shen: Tai Lung What's this?

Kai: It's Midsommar Baboon must of Invite Dragon to see the film, we got to let the Legendary Dragons.

(meanwhile at Dragon's House)

The Red Death: Midsommar is now at the Cinema.

Drago's Bewilderbeast: Dragon Better not go at the Cineman with Baboon.

The Red Death: Let's Stop him.

(at the Cinema)

Dragon: I Like Midsommar thanks for inviting me.

Baboon: You're Welcome.

Tai Lung: Baboon!

Baboon: Oh No Tai Lung!

The Red Death: Dragon!

Dragon: Oh No The Red Death!

The Red Death: That's Right you must of Watch Midsommar with Baboon while grounded get in the Car!

Tai Lung: And as for you Baboon You're Grounded Grounded Until We Retire!

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