Baby Bowser-Justin


Mr. Skeens-Simon

Bowser-Scary Voice


Baby Bowser gets in big trouble once again.


Baby Bowser: Man, I can't believe I got grounded for ungrounding Conrad Mundy! I need to do something! I got it! I will unground Greg Skeens!

(at the Skeens' residence)

Baby Bowser: Greg, since you are my favorite character, you are ungrounded forever. You can do whatever you want.

(Skeens runs in excited)

Baby Bowser: Yes! I ungrounded Greg Skeens!

Skeens: Dad, Baby Bowser just ungrounded me.

Baby Bowser: Oh no! Here comes trouble!

Mr. Skeens: Baby Bowser, how dare you unground Skeens?! You know he is a troublemaker and a bully to the Third Street School! That's it! Go home, and Greg, you are grounded for 2 weeks for being ungrounded by Baby Bowser! Get in the house now!

(at home)

Bowser: Baby Bowser, I can't believe you ungrounded Greg Skeens! You know that Skeens causes a lot of trouble especially to Randall Weems, TJ Detweiler, Spinelli, King Bob, Miss Finster, Principal Prickly and Fluttershy106!

Baby Bowser: But Dad, Skeens is my favorite one of all.

Bowser: It doesn't matter! You are grounded grounded grounded for 4 days! Go to your room now!

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