Barney Watched Scary Movie At Gfourtx And Aine Yuki/Beaten Up By Ike And Mio Minato

Cast Edit

  • Ike:Joey
  • AnimeGirrll:Salli
  • Kyo Kusanagi:Eric
  • Gfourtx:Brian
  • Aine Yūki:Kayla
  • Mio Minato:Emma
  • CardOfAnime102:Jill
  • Barney:Wiseguy

Transcript Edit

  • [Cut To:In AnimeGamer1's 3 Story House]
  • Barney:I'm Going To Forced Gfourtx And Aine Yūki Watched Cujo, Ha(x20)!
  • Aine:Wow Gfourtx, Is Space Jam Is Making Us Happy, Right?
  • Gfourtx:Yes It Is, Aine!
  • Barney:There, Let's Change This Movie To Cujo.
  • Aine:We're Waiting to-
  • Gfourtx:Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I Hate This Movie, Cujo!
  • Aine:Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! AnimeGirrll And You Guys, Come Here!
  • Barney:Uh Oh, Here They Comes!
  • Ike:What's Going On!
  • Gfourtx:Barney Forced Me And Aine Watched Cujo!
  • [Warning:Ear Rape Alert In The Next Scene]
  • Ike:[Does A Kaiju Roar, With 2000% Louder, In Eric's Voice]OH(x50), Barney The Purple Dinosaur, How Dare You Forced Gfourtx And Aine Yuki To Watch Cujo!
  • Kyo:That's It!
  • AnimeGirrll:Ike And Mio Will Beat You Up!
  • Ike:Prepare For Some Bleeding!
  • Mio:Prepare For Some Bleeding!
  • [Ike And Mio Beats Up Barney The Purple Dinosaur, The Action Is Blocked And Censored]
  • Barney:Ow(x30), Stop Beat Me Up!
  • Mio:Never!
  • [CardOfAnime102 Appears And Hides Ike And Mio Beats Up Barney The Purple Dinosaur]
  • CardOfAnime102:Don't Let Your Kids Watch It!
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