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[After the credits come to a close, August, who is in the iris of a bullseye, crumples the screen with the final credit and tosses it away.]

August: Well, Dat's all, Folks!

Betty Anne bongo: [pops up next to August] Eh, th-th-th-that's my line! Th-th-th..

Tommy: [appears in-between Betty Anne And august] Step aside, babe! Let a star do this! (Kevin seal voice) THAT'S ALL- YEOW!

[tommy then gets knocked out of the iris by the spectres (Curtis Williams, Jr., Sean Marquette, Taylor lautner, Elizabeth jagger, Alexa Ray Joel And Lily Collins)]

The Spectres: THAT'S ALL, FOLKS!

[Just then, Grubby groo lifts up the bullseye outro]

Grubby groo: Can I go home now? [pulls bullseye rings back down]

[After grubby groo pulls down the bullseye, in which August, Betty Anne And the spectres have vanished, The nicktoons splat logo appears]

Trivia Edit

First appearance of the spectres, in which the populars are sent to the factory

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