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Child Announcer: paramount and nickelodeon fans, the wait is over, the best of h&j is here!

Henry and june: what a girl wants, what a girl needs

Child Announcer: all greatest hits sung by your hosts, henry and june, this cd is where you can hear it at parties, discos, gym lessons, school dances and proms, pool parties, Ice and roller skating rinks, and in the car, which led by the duo themselves! Cause nickelodeon aired their show!

June: i'm cravin for you, i'm missing you like candy

Child Announcer: when you order, call 1-800-724-8563, or go to h& you must be 18 or older to call. And when you call, you’ll receive this limited edition sunglasses case

Henry and june: your love is my love

Kid: it’s fun

kid 2: it’s fantastic

Child Announcer: all songs like what a wonderful day songs, mmmbop, i need to know, larger than life, candy and many more, plus the wash song where you can hear it in the bathtub

Henry and june: lunch time, munch time, nap time too

Child Announcer: there's never been a music collection like this before, on cd or cassette 

Henry and june: outside the sky is black, outside the night is dark

kid: here’s how to order

Announcer: to order best of h&j cd or cassette, you will call 1-800-724-8563, or go to h& you must be 18 or older to call.

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