Characters Edit

Betsy-Jersey Girl


Mr Mundy (Mundy's dad)-Alan



Mad Scientist-Lee

Plot Edit

This happens right after Betsy gets Punishment Day. If you don't like Betsy from Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures, I respect your opinion.

TranscriptEdit Edit

(We see Betsy still with her deformed face and she's mad)

Betsy: Conrad Mundy, how dare you bully TJ and Randall Weems?! You know that you're not supposed to do that at all! You are grounded grounded grounded forever! Go to your room now!

(Mundy runs in angry)

Betsy: That will show him!

Mundy: Dad, Betsy just grounded me all because I bully TJ and Randall Weems!

Mundy's dad: And you deserve it! How dare you become a bully towards TJ, Randall Weems and TJ's friends?! That's it! You are grounded grounded grounded forever! You will watch Betsy's Kindergarten Adventure forever! Go to your room now!

(Then Mundy did as he was told)

Mundy's dad: Betsy, thank you for grounding my son. He will be forced to watch your shows from now on. Go home now while I call your parents.

(Betsy runs in excited)

Mundy's dad: Hello Darnell and Daphne, your daughter just grounded my son, Conrad. Please unground her right now. Thanks and goodbye.

(At home)

Darnell: Betsy, thank you for grounding Mundy. He was one of the worst bullies in Recess. You are now ungrounded forever.

Daphne: And just for that, we will go back to the science lab to give you back your normal face.

Betsy: I can't wait to get my beautiful face back.

(at the science lab)

Mad Scientist: So Darnell and Daphne, why are you back? I thought Betsy made a rant on CaillouRocksAUTTP.

Darnell: She actually did a good thing, which was grounding a Recess bully.

Mad Scientist: If this was a good reason, it's back to your old look.


Betsy: Hooray. My beautiful face is back to normal.

(at home)

Darnell: Now you're ungrounded ungrounded ungrounded forever for grounding Mundy.

Betsy: Thanks Mom and Dad, you're the best.

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