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Sue Bob: Dora the Explorer?! What?! More like Fora The Failure! Oh my god! This is the worst Nick Jr show I've even seen! This show is about The 6 year old girl name Dora and his monkey Boots and they like to go on failure adventures, Dora is annoying, she sound like a Dora friend, Boots is so stupid, He wears boots, What?! Monkeys don't wears boots, Backpack and the Map are so annoying, they're singing. Benny the Bull is so awful, he does play jokes, and Swiper, well, I don't care from Swiper, and she start in its own movie called Dora's Christmas Coral Adventure, Dora's Christmas Coral Adventure?! No! More like Fora's Crappy Crap Gayventure, this movie was a worst, the animation is stupid, the songs are gross, and the theme song is annoying. I think this show got cancelled. Do you know who likes this show? Barney, he wishes he can join the cast, but he can't, he is from PBS Kids, not Nick Jr. And do you know who hates this show? All Characters from kablam, they wish they can attack Dora and friends because And I hope it got cancelled back in 2015 because it went downhill, and so, Dora the Explorer sucks, and so does Barney and Friends, like I said, kablam is 1000000000000000000 times better than Dora the Explorer. End of Rant. 

Henry: Betty Anne bongo, thank you very much for making a rant

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