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Betty Anne: which swimsuit can I use? Ah yes, a cute outfit, a blue bikini top and a green swim skirt, wow, i’ll Get my supplies (got her supplies she needs to go swimming) got them!

grubby groo: ah, you going for a swim with ya friends?

betty Anne: yes, and I got all the supplies

grubby groo: that’s a nice girl!

(We Cut to the intro)

Henry and June: They nervous, they nebbish, they small, and the Populars don't like'em at all. But that's ok, life is sweet. They cool. They the Off-Beats.

(after the intro)

rachel: Hey Betty Anne Bongo, I like your swimsuit!

Betty Anne: oh thank you (then enters the water) do you guys wanna come, there’s some many things to see and do

Amanda: oh yeah!

(At underwater)

betty Anne: Hey There Guys

Tommy: uh, hi betty Anne, What is that bar of soap doing here?

Heavyn: you know what is it about, we’re the new populars

repunzil: no, not you, the soap, feel it?

august: what are all these sponges doing?

Betty Anne: I think, we’re gonna... sit on a shell

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