Bowser Jr-Brian

Baby Bowser-Justin

Baby Ice Princess-Princess



Bowser-Scary Voice

Ice Princess-Julie


This takes place right after Lawson called Tina the N-Word.


At the park, Bowser Jr, Baby Bowser and Baby Ice Princess were feeling grumpy.

Bowser Jr: Man, we can't believe Kumi escaped the Mental People's Homes! This whomps! This stupid girl must go!

Baby Bowser: Now Tina's sent to the Insane Hospital for chasing Lawson with a mace after he called her the N-Word.

Baby Ice Princess: And now, her business is going to be destroyed and it's all Kumi's fault!

Bowser Jr: We must think of something!

Baby Bowser: Let's push her in the crocodile pit!

Bowser Jr: I reckon Betsy's at the zoo looking down to the crocodiles! Come on, let's go destroy her! 

Bowser Jr, Baby Bowser, and Baby Ice Princess went off to the zoo, and then they entered the zoo. Then they saw Kumi in front of the crocodile pit.

Bowser Jr: Come on guys! Now's our chance! 

Bowser Jr, Baby Bowser, and Baby Ice Princess were ready to push Kumi into the crocodile pit. 

Baby Bowser: Time to push Kumi into the crocodile pit! Lunchtime, crocs! 

Bowser Jr, Baby Bowser, and Baby Ice Princess pushed Kumi towards the crocodile pit.

Kumi: Hey!

Kumi fell screaming into the crocodile pit. 


Kumi landed into the water filled with ferocious crocodiles and was eaten alive.

Baby Bowser: That's what you get!

Baby Ice Princess: Oh no! It's Zookeeper Wiseguy!

Zookeeper Wiseguy: That's right! Bowser Jr, Baby Bowser and Baby Ice Princess how dare you push Kumi into the crocodile pit?! I just heard that you are going to do that! Now look down there! Look at her body! It's ruined, and she's been eaten alive by crocodiles! Instead of taking you home, I will call your parents! Get out now!

(the trio run away)

Zookeeper Wiseguy (on the phone): Hello Bowser and Ice Princess, this is Zookeeper Wiseguy!

Bowser's voice: Where's Zookeeper Dallas?

Zookeeper Wiseguy: He's still at the insane hospital! Anyways, I called you because your kids pushed Kumi in the crocodile pit! Please ground them when they get home! Okay! Goodbye!

(at home)

Bowser: Bowser Jr, Baby Bowser and Baby Ice Princess, how dare you push Kumi into the crocodile pit?! Now everyone reacted to her death after she was eaten alive by crocodiles, thanks to you! That's it, you're grounded. grounded, grounded for three weeks!

Ice Princess: Go to your rooms now!

Bowser Jr (running upstairs with Baby Bowser and Baby Ice Princess): Yes Dad!

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