Breana-Sharon (Acapela), Shy Girl


Breana and Gelman's dad-Simon



Breana does a good job.


Breana: I can't believe I got my voice changed to Sharon all because I ungrounded Gelman with my friend Jakir and his sister Dottie! Now I sound like Shadow Queen Rosalina on Plotagon! I want my old voice back! I know! I will revive Fluttershy106! 

(at the graveyard)

Breana: This is my only chance!

(She revives me)

Me: Where am I?! Am I still in Heaven?!

Breana: No, you're not in Heaven. You're back on Earth.

Me: Breana, I'm so glad you revived me even though you, Jakir and Dottie ungrounded Gelman.

Gelman: You revived Fluttershy106?! That's it! I'm going to...

Gelman's dad: Not so fast! How dare you try to kill Fluttershy106?! That's it! We're going home now!

(at Breana's house)

Breana's dad: Breana Parkson, thank you for reviving Fluttershy106. You are now ungrounded forever. As a reward, your old voice will be back.

Breana (Shy Girl's voice): Thank you so much Dad. You're the best.

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