[In the living room, Bubbles8218 is angry with ComedyYes HorrorNo for redirecting her “Jenny Gets Grounded,” “Melody Gets Grounded,” and “Penny Gets Grounded” articles and replacing them with “Meet the Robinsons” fanmakes, “Coco” fanmakes, and “The Phantom Tollbooth” fanmakes]

Bubbles8218: You’ve been asking for this since you got here!

ComedyYes HorrorNo: (Scared) Bubbles8218, please! We can talk about this over “Meet the Robinsons” fanmakes and crossover characters!

Bubbles8218: “Meet the Robinsons” fanmakes and crossover characters are over!

ComedyYes HorrorNo: No, Bubbles8218! You wouldn't do this!

Bubbles8218: Say bye-bye, bad user! You're finished!

[Just then, Bubbles8218’s dad, Kelsey Hamton, and Danny Hamton, along with 761954, come into the room, looking very shocked]

Bubbles8218’s dad: What are you doing?

[Bubbles8218 turns her head towards her dad, brother, sister, and husband and grins at them]

Bubbles8218: (Nervously) Nothing.

[ComedyYes HorrorNo begins to cry. Instantly, a car ran over the cassette tape, shattering it to pieces]

Bubbles8218: My proof!

[Bubbles8218’s mom comes into the room, shocked as well]

Bubbles8218’s mom: Wendy! Explain yourself!

[She takes ComedyYes HorrorNo in her arms]

Bubbles8218’s dad: Yes, explain yourself.

Bubbles8218: It wasn't me, it was ComedyYes HorrorNo’s fault!

Bubbles8218’s dad: ComedyYes HorrorNo’s fault?

Bubbles8218: It's true! He’s a bad user. AnimeGamer1, Elephant012, Johnfanart101, and Sarah West are bad users, too! They were having a meeting. There's something about drawing me and my husband as beasts. It's one big monster con-spy-racy!

Bubbles8218’s mom: Wendy Penelope Hamton!

[Kelsey Hamton, Danny Hamton, and ComedyYes HorrorNo snicker. But 761954 gets sad]

Bubbles8218’s dad: We are very disappointed in you.

Bubbles8218’s mom: (Angrily) No, we're mad at you!

Bubbles8218’s dad: (Angrily) I agree with your mother! We're mad at you!

[Even Kelsey Hamton, Danny Hamton, and ComedyYes HorrorNo glare at Bubbles8218]

Bubbles8218: (Heartbroken) Mad?

Kelsey Hamton: (Angrily) Yes, mad! You’re supposed to show respect to other users on Fan Fiction Wikia, not threaten them!

Danny Hamton: (Angrily) You need to think about what you did wrong!

Bubbles8218’s mom: You're grounded!

Bubbles8218’s dad: Yes, grounded! For two...

Bubbles8218’s mom: Three!

Bubbles8218’s dad: (Confused) Three days?

Bubbles8218’s mom: Weeks!

Bubbles8218’s dad: (Angrily) Weeks! Three weeks!

Bubbles8218’s mom: (Changes her mind) For three...

Bubbles8218: (Aghast) Grounded?!

Bubbles8218’s mom: You heard us! You're gonna stay in this house with your husband, children, brother, and sister until you learn to get along with other users!

[Bubbles8218 becomes very angry at her parents, Kelsey Hamton, Danny Hamton, and ComedyYes HorrorNo, but not 761954 and points at them]

Bubbles8218: You’ll be sorry!

[Then she goes to her room in tears, with 761954 following her]

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