Bubbles8218: We're Gonna Kidnap the Orphans

761954: Good Plan

[Bubbles8218 and 761954 Kidnap the Orphans]

Orphan 1: Let Us Go You Two

Orphan 2: Yeah You Better

Bubbles8218: Never Orphans

761954: Now We're Gonna Stuff You Into The Bag

Orphan 1: Nooooooooo

Orphan 2: Noooooooooooo

Bubbles8218: We Got You Orphans

Orphan 1: Hey Let Us Out Of Here

761954: No

[Luna Minami, Jazzi, and Custard See Bubbles8218 and 761954]

Bubbles8218: Oh My God It's Luna, Jazzi, and Custard

761954: We're So Busted

Jazzi: Bubbles8218 and 761954 How Dare You Kidnap the Orphans

Luna: They Are Good Users and You Two Shouldn't Be Doing Stuff like That

Custard: Yeah You Know That's Not Cool

Luna: That's It You're Grounded Grounded Grounded for Tragedy

Jazzi: That Means No Skunk Fu No Isle Of Dogs No Baby Driver No Sausage Party No Poltergeist No Fritz The Cat No Cujo No Fan Fiction Wikia No Redtube No XHamster No Motto To Love Ru No Porntube No Johnny Test No Mark Of The Devils And Further More

Luna: I Agree with Jazzi My Daughter

Custard: The Only Things You Will Eat and Drink are Grape Nuts Prunes Raw Eggs Swiss Cheese Poop Snakes on a Stick Skunk Spray Urine Vomit Vegetables Fruits Milk Water Expired Milk Grilled Beavers Deep Fried Squirrels Fried Frog Legs Bloody Eyeballs Contaminated Water Moldy Juice Gasoline Toothpaste Dental Rinse Toilet Water Bath Water Dark Urine Bloody Urine And Dirty Diapers

Bubbles8218: Yuck We Hate That Gross Stuff

761954: Yeah We Hate Healthy and Gross Foods and Drinks

Luna: Too Bad Bubbles8218 and 761954 They Are The Only Things You Will Eat and Drink

Custard: I Agree With My Mom

Jazzi: You Two Will Watch Our Show Each Day Nonstop

Custard: You Two Will Wear Nappies And We Will Destroy the Toilet and Burn Your Underwear

Luna: You Two Are Worse Than Hector Heathcote My Son

Jazzi: You Heard What My Mommy Said You Two Are Worse Than Hector Heathcote One Of My Siblings

Luna: Go to Your Rooms Now

Bubbles8218: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

761954: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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