At the village, Buster was looking amused.

Buster: Oh boy! Fluttershy106 becomes a victim to the crocodile! That was so funny! Guess what I'm going to do? Take a picture of Fluttershy106 being chased by a crocodile because the crocodile is looking forward to have the rest of him! Besides, the crocodile sees Fluttershy106 tasty ever since he tasted his hand! Also, he's got a hook for a hand! I bet he can't drag us around with a hook! Hahahahahaha! He's like Captain Hook! Hahahahahahaha! If I see Fluttershy106 getting chased by a crocodile! I'm ready to take a picture of it! This is going to be fun!

Then Buster thought Fluttershy106:


Buster: Oh look! Fluttershy106's coming!

Just then, Fluttershy106 came running in being chased by a crocodile.

Me: Help! The crocodile's trying to eat me! Help! Someone get the Animal Control!

Buster: Okay, time to take a picture of Fluttershy106 being chased by a crocodile! Hahahaha!

Buster equipped his camera and took a picture of Fluttershy106 being chased by a crocodile.

Buster: There! All done! I will show that picture to my friends!

Me: Randall! Menlo! Stop the crocodile chasing me! Or else I'm doomed!

Buster went off to see his friends, and then he met up with Lawson, Jocko, Koreo and Cheay.

Buster: Hey, guys! Look!

Lawson: What is it, Buster?

Buster: I took a picture of Fluttershy106 being chased by a crocodile! This is funny!

Jocko: Good job, Buster! Good show!

Buster showed a picture to his friends.

Jocko: Wow! That photo's awesome!

Cheay: This is so funny! Poor Fluttershy106's being chased by a crocodile!

Koreo: Yeah, he's like Captain Hook now!

Lawson: Quite right, Koreo!

Koreo: Nice work, Buster! This photo's great!

Jocko: I hope Fluttershy106 gets eaten by a crocodile! He's a victim to the crocodile like Captain Hook is to Tick-Tock.

Cheay: I agree with Jocko!

Lawson: Me too! Cheay thought it was funny! He let the crocodile chase Fluttershy106! I think Fluttershy106 will become a codfish! Hahahaha!

Buster: I better get home now! See you!

Lawson: See you, Buster!

So Buster went home. Back home, Buster's dad was furious with Buster.

Buster's dad: Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Buster, how dare you take a picture of Fluttershy106 being chased by a crocodile! Thanks to you, your friends are going to make fun of him and the hook he's using as a hand!

Buster: But dad, I found this situation funny! So that's why I have to take a picture of Fluttershy106 being chased by a crocodile. Since the crocodile tasted Fluttershy106's hand, he found him so tasty!

Buster's dad: That's not funny! You have caused disgrace, young man! Poor Fluttershy106's becoming a laughing stock, because of you! That's it, you're grounded, grounded, grounded for a week! Go upstairs to your room right now!

Buster went to his room, crying.

Buster: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Steven as Buster and Me

Eric as Lawson

Paul as Jocko

Dave as Cheay

Joey as Koreo

Wiseguy as Buster's dad

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