Characters Edit


Banter-David/Evil Genius/Zack

Microsoft Sam-himself



Banter's mom-Samantha

Butler's dad-Diesel

Butler's mom-Jennifer

Prism-Tween Girl/Robin

Plot Edit

This is for Shyanne Smith.

Transcript Edit

Butler: Banter, you are ungrounded forever. Since you hate the Save-Ums as much as Prism, does, you should come with me.

Banter: Thanks. First, we must call Phineas T. Ratchet.

(Ratchet arrives)

Ratchet: You called?

Butler: Yes, we called. Can you get Custard over here?

Ratchet: Okay.

(at the chop shop)

Ratchet: Okay Custard, it's time to be melted into next season's upgrades.


(Custard is melted)

Butler: Thank you.

Banter: Now let's steal Microsoft Sam's IWAY cookies!

Butler: Great idea.

(at Microsoft Sam's house)

Banter: These cookies would work well for Prism.

Butler: I know.

(they leave)

Microsoft Sam: Let me guess! Butler and Banter stole my IWAY cookies! I will track them down!

(at the park)

Butler: Those are the best cookies.

Prism: I know.

Banter: I agree.

(Microsoft Sam shows up angry)

Butler: Oh no! It's Microsoft Sam!

Prism: I gotta run!

Microsoft Sam: That's right! How dare you steal my IWAY cookies?! That's it! I'm going to call your parents!

(after Sam called their parents)

Banter's mom: Oh my God! Banter, I can't believe you first got ungrounded by Butler and then stole Microsoft Sam's IWAY cookies! That's it! You are grounded grounded grounded grounded forever!

Banter: For the last time, Jay keeps on doing bad things to my younger sister, Prism so please unground me right now!

Banter's mom: No! You're still grounded!

Banter: Mom, I'm begging you! Unground me! Unground me! I want to be ungrounded! I want to be ungrounded!

Banter's mom: Calm down and stop nagging! You're not going to be ungrounded! Let's go home now!

(at Butler's house)

Butler's dad: Butler, how dare you unground Banter?! Not only that but you also had Phineas T. Ratchet melt Custard into next season's upgrades and stole Microsoft Sam's IWAY cookies! You know you're not supposed to be doing that!

Butler: But Mom and Dad, Banter is not a troublemaker so that's why I ungrounded him. Jay needs to treat his younger sister Prism with respect.

Butler's mom: It does not matter! You still have no right to unground Banter, melt any Save-Ums character, or steal Microsoft Sam's IWAY cookies! You are grounded grounded grounded until Thanksgiving! Go to your room now!

Butler (running upstairs): Fine!

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