Cast[edit | edit source]

Caillou - David/Evil Genius/Zack

Boris - Eric

Doris - Julie

Rosie - Shy Girl

Church Minister - Professor

Fortesca and Tina - Kimberly

Summary[edit | edit source]

Caillou's parents were fully heartbroken and crying a pond of tears after they heard the death of Heavy D, so they and Caillou attended his funeral. However, Caillou just ruins the funeral by summoning the Withered Team, they ruin it by blasting PAW Patrol theme song, throwing the coffin out, calling Tina to send the Church Minister to Mental People's homes and flooding the church by turning the taps on and leaving them running. As a result, Caillou got sent to Five Nights at Freddy's where he got jumpscared by Circus Baby.

Please note: When the Church Minister is sent to Mental People's homes, he doesn't throw a mental breakdown like Mojo Jojo does. Instead, he just starts crying.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Caillou wakes up in his room.

Caillou: Aahh! What a beautiful day!

Then, Boris, Doris, and Rosie entered Caillou's room, crying. Caillou was shocked.

Caillou: Mom dad and Rosie, why are you all crying?

Boris: Heavy D died after he got killed by Metal Mario.

Caillou: Oh no! That's terrible!

Doris: We are going to his funeral right now.

Rosie: And you will promise to be on your best behavior.

Caillou: Yes.

In the church, everyone is crying, except Caillou who's feeling annoyed. Fortesca is in front of everyone speaking.

Fortesca: Heavy D's my favorite person ever in the world. He is...

Fortesca's voice is muted. The camera zooms into Caillou, he is having a naughty plan.

Caillou: (silently) Man! This funeral is boring! Wait! I will summon the Withered Team to ruin this! Hahahahahahaha!

The Withered Team appears.

Caillou: Great! Now, Withered Team, blast the PAW Patrol theme song!

While the Withered Team is taking out the speaker, the earrape version of the PAW Patrol theme song is heard in the background. Everyone is shocked, including Boris, Doris and Rosie.

After all of that music...

Caillou: Now, Withered Team, throw his stupid coffin out!

The Withered Team throws the coffin out. And then the Church Minister came, he was angry.

Church Minister: Animated characters, how dare you throw Heavy D's coffin out the window?! That's it! Go home now!

Caillou: Now, Withered Team, send him to Mental People's Home!

Withered Team: (On the phone) Hello Tina, can you please send the Church Minister to Mental People's Home? Why? 'Cause he blamed Caillou for no reasons, so please get here quickly! Thanks a lot! Goodbye! (puts down the phone)

Tina arrives.

Tina: (to the Church Minister) You are coming to Mental People's Home for blaming that boy!

Church Minister (while being dragged away): Nononononononononononononononononono!

At Mental People's Home, Tina took the Church Minister out of her car, and then she took him in. Then she took him to the dormitory. 

Tina: Welcome to my Mental People's Home. You will stay in there. This dormitory is where you're staying. And if you dare escape, you will be getting a punishment from the government. Enjoy your permanent stay.  

Tina walked away. The Church Minister felt very upset, and he was crying.  

Church Minister: I can't believe I got sent to Mental People's Home for no reasons. Can things get any worse? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  

Back in the church...

Caillou: Great job, Withered Team! Now, turn on all the taps in the toilet so this church can be flooded!

The Withered Team walks into the bathroom. They turned on all the taps and left them running. 1 hour later, the whole church was flooded. Everyone swam out of the church for their protection. Then Caillou's parents came to Caillou, and they were furious.

Boris: Caillou!! How mother f***ing dare you summon the Withered Team to make them blast the PAW Patrol theme song, threw the coffin out, calling Tina to send the Church Minister to Mental People's Home, and flooding the church?!?! That's it!! We are going straight home!!

At home, Caillou's parents scolded Caillou.

Doris: You're lucky that everyone in the church didn't call the cops to arrest the Withered Team! But that was even worse than what you did at Steve Cash's funeral! And for that, we will send you to Five Nights at Freddy's where you will get jumpscared by Circus Baby!

Caillou: Nonononononononononononononono!

Boris: Too bad! Come with us now!

Boris and Doris sends Caillou to Five Nights at Freddy's. The scene of where Circus Baby jumpscaring Caillou is seen.


The end.

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