Captain Gantu is Lilo and Stitch's archenemy. He an is extremely large and muscular alien with a gruff, militant personality, Gantu resembles a bipedal whale or shark with grey skin, sky blue eyes, and elephant-like feet. He wears a black battle shirt with black pants and stands 20 feet tall. 

Profile - Captain Gantu

Voice: Scary Voice

Friends: Reuben and Dr Hamsterviel

Likes: Being admired, his muscular build, order, having influence, success, getting a good reputation, egg salad, Reuben's chicken soup sandwiches (when sick) and catching experiments

Dislikes: Lilo and Stitch, Jumba's experiments, being yelled at or insulted (especially by Hämsterviel), being grounded, insects, bologna, degradation, failure, being powerless, Reuben mocking him, others making him look bad, yogurt sandwiches and being called 'Big Dummy'

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