Security Chief-Simon

Carson's dad-Alan

Carson's mom-Kate



Carson and Dot (AngryBirdsGamer1996) do a good job.


Carson: Man, I can't believe Fluttershy106 got sent to an insane hospital.

Dot: We got an idea! We should free him!

Carson: That seems to be a plan.

(in the insane hospital)

Security Chief: Halt!

Dot: Bag him!

Security Chief: Get me back up! I want back up! Troublemakers have forcibly taken the bridge! They have forcibly taken the bridge!

(Carson and Dot knock out the chief)

Me: Thank Heavens you two are here.

Carson: That's right. Now what landed you here?

Me: The Recess troublemakers made grounded videos out of me and got me sent here.

Dot: It's okay. We're here to rescue you.

Me: Thank you.

Carson: Now let's get you out of here.

(After Carson and Dot free me from the hospital)

Me: Carson and Dot, thank you for rescuing me. 

Carson: Anytime.

Me: Now if you excuse me, I have to go back to the Third Street School and substitute for Principal Prickly.

(at home)

Carson's dad: Carson and Dot, we are proud of you for freeing Fluttershy106.

Carson's mom: You are now ungrounded forever.

Dorsey: No! How could you?! I wanted Fluttershy106 to stay in the insane hospital forever! 

Carson's dad: Dorsey, how dare you wish Fluttershy106 back in the insane hospital?! That's it! You are grounded grounded grounded for 10 days!

Carson's dad: Go to your room now!

(Dorsey runs upstairs crying in Ludoviko's voice)

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