Cathery is one of the main characters of the official Kelly-Belle series. She was first created by BlooLynn&AmiFTW BojRobocarPoli&SnookFTL aka FuntimeGamer74 as the mom of Pinkalicious and Peter in his Pinkalicious and Peter series. However, after he realized that Pinkalicious and Peter already had parents, he ceased using this (then unnamed) character as the mother of Pinkalicious and Peter and used their real parents they had from the actual Pinkalicious & Peterrific series. Afterwards IceCreamFanatic2001 (who's now known as Casey) recycled this character as Cathery. She has a sister Kelly-Belle, 2 brothers named Logan and Jake, a boyfriend named Tomothy, has not been a respected student by teachers, and has parents.

Information Edit

Full Name: Cathery

Gender: Female

Hair: Beige

Age: 15

Occupation: The Pinkalicious and Peterrific Fandom Headquarters student

Family: Ahab (Father)

Fernanda (Mother)

Kelly-Belle (Sister)

Logan (older brother)

Jake (younger brother)

First Appearence: Cathery Gets Grounded for Nothing

Latest Appearence: Kelly-Belle and Cathery Get 2 New Brothers

Voice: Catherine

Ethnicity: Caucasian-British

Trivia Edit

  • Rafael Martinez (from Pinkalicious and Peterrific) is her main target when it comes to bullying people.
  • The design of Cathery was originally used as Pinkalicious and Peter's mom in BlooLynn&AmiFTW BojRobocarPoli&SnookFTL's official Pinkalicious and Peter series. However, after the parents got plastic surgery to match the official version of their parents, Casey reused that look as Cathery. Same applied to Tomothy.
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