At the village, Cheay had a naughty plan.

Cheay: Since Fluttershy106's at the zoo, I will go there and send the crocodile to go after him! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Cheay went off to the zoo, and then he arrived at the zoo. Then he met up with Fluttershy106.

Cheay: Hello, Fluttershy106 Hook!

Fluttershy106 was offended.

Me: Hey! Don't call me Fluttershy106 Hook! I am not Fluttershy106 Hook, just because I resemble Captain Hook! It's all Jocko's fault for cutting off my hand and feeding it to the crocodile!

Cheay: Well, your hand is so tasty! Hahahaha!

Me: Don't be rude to me, Cheay! My hand's not tasty! If you do, I will drag you home with my hook!

Cheay: How about I send the crocodile to go after you?! But why? Because you're so tasty! Hahahahahaha!

Fluttershy106 was horrifed.

Me: No, Cheay! You wouldn't dare!

Cheay walked over to the crocodile pit.

Cheay: Mr Crocodile, do you like codfish? You do? Get that guy!

The crocodile climbed up the wall and went out of the pit.

Cheay: That's it, Mr Crocodile! Get Fluttershy106! He's all yours!

The crocodile menaced hungrily towards Fluttershy106.

Me: Oh no! Not again! The crocodile's going to eat me!

Fluttershy106 ran off, screaming. The crocodile started to chase him.


Cheay: Bye bye Hooky!

My voice: DON'T CALL ME HOOKY!!!

The crocodile continued chasing after Fluttershy106.


Cheay: So long, coward! Hahahahahahahahaha!

Back home, Cheay's parents scolded Cheay.

Cheay's dad: Cheay, how dare you send the crocodile to go after poor Fluttershy106?!

Cheay: But mum and dad, he's now a victim to the crocodile like Captain Hook is to Tick-Tock the Crocodile.

Cheay's mum: You shouldn't have done that, young man. Poor Fluttershy106 got tormented by that horrible crocodile. We just got a call from TJ and his friends. They told me that you did so.

Cheay's dad: You're in big trouble, young man! You really have caused disgrace this time!

Cheay's mum: That's it, you're grounded, grounded, grounded for a week! This means you will watch Bear in the Big Blue House for the rest for the week!

Cheay's dad: Normally we would say go to your room, but instead, start watching Bear in the Big Blue House right now!

Cheay did as he was told.


Dave as Cheay

Steven as Me

Dallas as Cheay's dad

Kate as Cheay's mum

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