Chocolate Ninja-Rina-Serena

Ninja Rina-Samantha


Ticket Manager-Dallas

Security Guard-Steven

Movie Manager-Geraint


Mr. Lawson-Wiseguy


Chocolate Ninja-Rina and Lawson get in big trouble.


Chocolate Ninja-Rina: "Mom, can I go to the movie theatre to watch a movie?"

Ninja-Rina: "Yes! But don't watch a movie made for adults or you will be grounded for a long time!"

(Chocolate Ninja-Rina walks away)

Chocolate Ninja-Rina: "Who are you?"

Lawson: "I'm Erwin Lawson but you can call me by my surname. Anyways, where are you going?"

Chocolate Ninja-Rina: "To the movie theatre."

(At the movie theatre)

Ticket manager: "Hello. Welcome to Odeon Cinemas. What movie would you like to see?"

Chocolate: "I would like two tickets to see Candyman."

Ticket manager: "Here you go. Enjoy the movie."

(30 minutes later)

Chocolate: "Yay! The movie is starting!"

(10 minutes later)

Security Guard: "Sir, we have a chocolate girl and a Recess bully banned from adult stuff who is watching a horror movie."

Movie manager: "Hey! What are you doing in this movie?! Ninja-Rina told you that you're banned from everything made for adults! The movie you're watching now is made for adults! Now get out of here and I will call Ninja-Rina!"

Chocolate Ninja-Rina: "Don't tell me what to do you idiot! I can watch this movie whenever I want to!"

Movie manager: "That's it! You'd better leave this movie theatre or I will call 91..."

(Lawson punches the movie manager in the nose)

Movie manager: "Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow! My nose is bleeding!"

Paramedic: "We're coming."

(later in the security office)

Security guard: "Chocolate Ninja-Rina and Erwin Lawson, I am so disappointed at the both of you! Chocolate Ninja-Rina, for watching an adult rated movie, you're kicked out of this movie theatre. (to Lawson) And Lawson, since you threw the first punch and gave our manager Mandy Robinson a nosebleed, you're also kicked out of this movie theatre as well!"

(at Lawson's house)

Mr. Lawson: "Erwin, I can't believe you watched an adult only movie with Chocolate Ninja-Rina and gave the movie manager a nosebleed! Because of you, you sent him to the hospital and now we have to pay his hospital bill! You are grounded grounded grounded for 6 weeks! Go to your room now and there will be no Candyman for 6 weeks!"

Chocolate Ninja-Rina and Lawson: (running crying in 2 Dr. Robotnik’s voice saying “We Hate That Hedgehog!”)

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