Chucko Kowalski Kills the Teletubbies and Gets Grounded is a grounded video by Sarah West, published on February 22nd 2019. Written by Kosta Karatzovalis

Transcript Edit

(Chucko Kowalski was about to watch TV)

Chucko: I wonder what's on TV.

(Chucko turned on the TV)

Announcer: Coming up next, it's the Teletubbies.

(Chucko was horrified, and he was very annoyed)

Chucko: Oh no, not the Teletubbies, this show whomps! That's it, I'm going to Teletubbyland and kill them all with my rifle.

(at the Teletubbyland)

Tinky Winky: Tinky Winky.

Dipsy: Dipsy.

La-La: La La.

Po: Po.

Tinky Winky: What's your name?

Chucko: My name is Chucko Kowalski.

La-La: Do you want to join us?

Chucko: No! I'm here to kill you all because your show is garbage.

Dipsy: Oh no! Don't kill us!

Chucko: Too bad! Time to die! Hey, Tinky Winky!

Tinky Winky: What?

Chucko: Die, you purple geek! 

(Chucko shot Tinky Winky in his face with his rifle, and Tinky Winky was dead)

Chucko: One dead, three to kill! Hey, Dipsy!

Dipsy: What?

Chucko: Die, you green geek!

(Chucko shot Dipsy in his face with his rifle, and Dipsy was dead)

Chucko: Now it's your turn to die, La-La! Die, La-La!

(Chucko shot La-La in her face with his rifle, and La-La was dead)

Chucko: And last, time to die, Po!

(Chucko shot Po in her face with his rifle, and Po was dead. Then Chucko cheered)

Chucko: Yay! The Teletubbies are dead for good!

(Back home, Chucko's dad was furious with Chucko) 

Mr Kowalski: Chucko, how dare you kill the Teletubbies, they are my favorite TV characters. You have no right to kill the Teletubbies.

Chucko: But dad, this show is the worst PBS Kids show ever, because it whomps.

Mr Kowalski: No, that's a lie, The Teletubbies is one of the most shows on PBS Kids ever. For that, you are grounded for 5 weeks with no computer. Instead of going to your room, you will watch the reruns of the Teletubbies for the rest of your life.

(Chucko started protesting)

Chucko: No (x15). I don't want to watch the Teletubbies, it's stupid.

Mr Kowalski: Too bad, it's for your own good. Now start watching it right now, or else, you will get beat up by the Kooplings.

Chucko: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Cast Edit



Twinky Winky-Simon


La La-Ivy

Po-Shy Girl

Mr Kowalski (Chucko's dad)-Steven

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