Chucko Kowalski and Gelman-Joey

Ashley Armbruster-Emma

Ashley Boulet-Amy

Ashley Quinlan-Allison

Ashley Tomassian-Salli

Randall Weems, Lawson and Mundy-Eric

Miss Finster and Principal Prickly-Wiseguy


Lazy Kid-Duncan

Sue Bob Murphy-Kendra

Clyde Philmore and Mr Kowalski (Chucko's dad)-Steven

Mrs Kowalski (Chucko's mum)-Bridget


At the Third Street Playground, Ashley A was on top of the Jungle Gym. She was in her tiara, a purple gown and a red cloak, and she had been crowned Queen Ashley A. Ashley A had an announcement to the kids in the playground. 

Ashley A: Kids in the playground, I, Ashley A, am substituting for King Bob, because he and his friends are visiting 98th Street School to compete with the rivals. You will look up to me. My Ashley friends are my royal ladies-in-waiting. Anyone will be respecting my royalty. 

Ashley B: Of course, Ashley A will be doing a great job until the joyful day of King Bob's return. 

Ashley Q: Yeah, Ashley A will do anything of what King Bob does.

Ashley T: Yeah, Ashley A's the great queen ever! 

Chucko Kowalski was in the crowd, and he was annoyed.

Chucko: Oh no! Not Ashley A! She whomps!

Later, Chucko Kowalski was in a bad mood.

Chucko: Man, that snobby girl by the name of Ashley A has taken over King Bob's throne because King Bob and his loyal subjects are gone to 98th Street School compete with the rivals. Ashley A is as tyrannical as King Bob. She's as bossy as him. What shall I do?

Then Chucko picked up a blueprint.

Chucko: I know! I will build this! 

The blueprint had got a cage, an inflated hot water bottle with a cue ball stuck in it, a wooden target, and a rope mechanism that would bring down a large cage on the victim. 

Chucko: I'm going to ruin Ashley A's royalty by building a cage to trap her. It's called the Ashleyinator 6000! It's inspired by the Gelminator 6000! It's called the Ashleyinator 6000! Hahahahahahaha! I'll get some parts of the trap including the parts for the cage, an inflated hot water bottle with a cue ball stuck in it, a wooden target, and a rope mechanism that would bring down a cage on the victim. I will sneak into the garage to get some parts for the Ashleyinator 6000!

So Chucko went off to the garage. Then he entered the garage.

Chucko: Let's get some parts! 

So Chucko grabbed some parts for the trap and he left the garage. Then he stopped at the Jungle Gym.

Chucko: Time to get working on the Ashleyinator 6000! 

Chucko started to build the Ashleyinator 6000 around the slide/jungle gym structure. 

One hour later...

Chucko had finished building the Ashleyinator 6000.

Chucko: There! The Ashleyinator 6000 is all done! Now to distract Ashley A! 

Then he saw Ashley A talking to Ashley B.

Ashley A: Ashley B, I'm doing a great job. I've caught Koreo for picking on Gordy.

Ashley B: What a brave queen you are. Koreo will face Miss Finster's wrath and will end up in Principal Prickly's office.

Ashley A and Ashley B: Ooh, scandalous!

Then Ashley A heard Chucko calling to her.

Chucko: Hey, Ashley A!

Ashley A stared to Chucko, who was standing on a cheese box.

Ashley A: Huh?

Chucko: I, Chucko Kowalski, say you're the worst queen of the playground ever, as well as a stupid nose-picking coward! Also, you're as bad as King Bob! Come and get me, you cowardly tyrant! 

Ashley A started to step towards Chucko.

Ashley B: Ashley A, watch out! Don't fall for Chucko's trap!

Ashley A: I'm coming after you, Chucko!

Chucko jumped off the cheese cake, and ran towards the workbench and he stood on it. He started taunting Ashley A, who was stepping towards him.

Chucko: Ashley A is a chicken! Ashley A is a chicken! Ashley A is a chicken! Ashley A is a chicken! Ashley A is a chicken! Ashley A is a chicken! Ashley A is a chicken! Ashley A is a chicken!

Then Ashley A stepped on an inflated hot water bottle with a cue ball stuck in it. The cue ball shot up and hit a wooden target, thus setting off a rope mechanism that brought down a large colorful cage down on Ashley A, trapping her.

Chucko: Yay! I ruined Ashley's royalty by trapping Ashley A with the Ashleyinator 6000! Haha, take that, Ashley A! That's what you get for becoming such a tyrant! Consider yourself dethroned! Hahahahaha!

Ashley B was horrified.

Ashley B: Oh no! This is like terrible! Ashley A's trapped in a cage! It's like too much for me! I better tell the other Ashleys the horrible news!

Ashley B ran off in horror. Chucko released a cloth sign on the bar that says, 'Don't feed the Ashley, Remember Kowalski', and he got off the workbench.

Ashley A: CHUCKO! 

Randall Weems stepped in.

Randall: Hey, what the...? Oh no, Ashley A is trapped in a cage! 

Then Randall looked at the sign.

Randall: What?! Don't feed the Ashley, Remember Kowalski? That's impossible! I think that Chucko is responsible of trapping poor Ashley A. I'm telling! Chucko, you'll pay for trapping the temporary ruler of the playground! Poor Ashley A! I'm telling on you!

Randall rushed off to tell Miss Finster.

Randall: Miss Finster! Miss Finster!

Ashley A: You're going to pay for ruining my royalty by trapping me in that cage! Get me out of here right now!

Chucko: Sorry! You're staying in this cage for good, you stuck-up tyrant! Stop whining! You're Chuckoized now!

Just then, Miss Finster came, and she was furious.

Chucko: Oh no, I'm Finsterized! 

Miss Finster: Chucko, are you responsible of trapping Ashley Armbruster in a cage?!

Miss Finster pointed at the sign.

Miss Finster: And what did that sign say?

Chucko: Um, yes. The sign said 'Don't feed the Ashley, Remember Kowalski'. And yes, I did trap Ashley A in a cage because she becomes a tyrant of the playground. My trap is called the Ashleyinator 6000, which is similar to the Gelminator 6000. 

Miss Finster was livid.

Miss Finster: Good sweet Mike! How dare you trap Ashley A in a cage?! That's it, I am sending you to Principal Prickly's office right now! 

Then Miss Finster dragged Chucko to Principal Prickly's office, kicking and screaming. 


Then Miss Finster entered Principal Prickly's office, and she had a complaint to Principal Prickly.

Principal Prickly: Say, Muriel? What's up?

Miss Finster: Well, you're not going to be happy when I say this! Chucko just trapped Ashley Armbruster in a cage! That is unacceptable! Punish him immediately! 

Principal Prickly: Okay, Miss Finster! Thanks for telling me! I'll give Chucko a good talking to!

Then Miss Finster left. Principal Prickly was very annoyed at Chucko. 

Principal Prickly: Chucko, I'm very disappointed in you for trapping Ashley Armbruster in a cage. You know you're not supposed to do that. This is a very serious situation, a very serious situation indeed! You don't ever trap other students in a cage! You see trapping other students in a cage undermines authority. It demonstrates impertinence, disrespect, laziness.

Chucko: But Principal Prickly, Ashley A becomes a tyrant and she's as bossy as King Bob! She's worse than Spinelli and Gretchen, and she's worse than Tara too! I have to trap her with my new trap, it's called the Ashleyinator 6000, which is similar to the Gelminator 6000! That's what Ashley A gets for becoming a tyrant!

Principal Prickly: I know what you're doing! Now I can't keep up with you kids and you did a stunt. But Miss Finster assures me it's terrible. You know it's not nice to trap Ashley Armbruster in a cage! That's it, you're suspended until your trap is disassembled! Go home right now while I call your parents!

Back in the Third Street Playground, Lawson, Gelman, Mundy, Skeens, Lazy Kid, Sue Bob Murphy and Clyde Philmore noticed Ashley A who were still in a cage.

Lawson: Hey, guys! Look at Ashley A! She's whining like a baby! That's what she gets for becoming such a tyrant! She's been dethroned and she'll never be queen of the playground again! Hahahahaha! Shall we poke her with trash picker pins?

Gelman: Good idea! Let's do it!

Mundy: Yeah, this is going to be fun!

Skeens: It will be funny to do it!

Lazy Kid: I agree with Skeens!

Sue Bob: Me too! Let's do it!

Clyde: Yeah, this is going to be torture time! Hahahahahaha!

Lawson: Let's go to the garage and borrow some of Hank's trash picker pins!

Gelman: Good idea! Let's go! We hope Hank can't spot us!

Lawson, Gelman, Mundy, Skeens, Lazy Kid, Sue Bob and Clyde went off to the garage to fetch some trash picker pins, and then they entered the garage and picked up Hank's trash picker pins. 

Lawson: Now let's go poke Ashley A!

So Lawson, Gelman, Mundy, Skeens, Lazy Kid, Sue Bob and Clyde went out of the garage and then they went back to the Jungle Gym where Ashley A was stuck in a cage.

Lawson: OK! Let's start poking Ashley A!

So Lawson, Gelman, Mundy, Skeens, Lazy Kid, Sue Bob and Clyde started poking Ashley A with picker pins, and Ashley A started screaming and yelping.

Ashley A: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ooh! Stop it, you horrible savages! Ah! Oh! Ee! Ah! Ah! Stop! Stop! Stop! You're hurting me! If you don't stop, I'm telling your teacher! STOP! STOP! STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP! That's it, I can't take it anymore! I want to get out of this cage! I want out! I want out! I WANT OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUT!

Randall rushed in, and then he saw Lawson, Gelman, Mundy, Skeens, Lazy Kid, Sue Bob and Clyde poking Ashley A with picker pins. He was horrified.

Randall: WAAAH! Oh no! Those bullies are hurting Ashley A by poking her with picker pins! And they're ruining her royalty! They're hurting the playground queen!

Randall ran off, screaming.


Lawson, Gelman, Mundy, Skeens, Lazy Kid, Sue Bob and Clyde kept on poking Ashley A.


Back in Chucko's house, Chucko's parents scolded Chucko.

Chucko's dad: Chucko, how dare you trap Ashley A in a cage?! You know trapping other students is unacceptable!

Chucko: But dad, my trap is inspired by the Gelminator 6000 that Gus uses to trap Gelman in a cage. My trap is called the Ashleyinator 6000 so I can trap Ashley A because she becomes a tyrant so she could boss me and my friends! Successfully, I Chuckoized her. 

Chucko's mum: You know it's unacceptable to trap Ashley A in a cage, young man! Ashley A is very upset because you trapped her in a cage. 

Chucko's dad: That's it, you are grounded for until the Ashleyinator 6000 is disassembled!

Chucko's mum: Go to your room right now!

Chucko went to his room, crying.

Chucko: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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