Chucko Kowalski and Jordan-Joey

Cy Kowalski and King Bob-Eric

Betsy-Jersey Girl

Jerome and Mr. Kowalski-Steven


This happened right after Betsy destroyed Lawson, Chucko, Jocko, Koreo, Buster and Cheay's picker pins.


King Bob, Jordan, Jerome and Betsy were standing at the rooftop. 

Jordan: Isn't it a beautiful view from here?

King Bob: Yes it is, Jordan.

Then Chucko Kowalski and his big brother Cy came who were angry, and King Bob, Jordan, Jerome and Betsy were horrified.

Chucko: Hello, Chucko haters! And who is this next to King Bob and Jerome? (to Cy) There she is, Cy! Betsy, she's the one who broke my, Jocko, Koreo, Buster, Lawson and Cheay's picker pens!

Cy glared to Betsy. 

Cy: Hey! You're Betsy, the one who broke my younger brother, Jocko, Koreo, Buster and Cheay's picker pens!

Jordan: Oh no! Not two of these bad guys! (to Chucko and Cy) By the way, we!

King Bob: Really!

Betsy: Hate!

Jerome: Both of you!

This made Chucko and Cy very angry.

Chucko: Oooooooooooooh! That's it! We're going to push Betsy off the rooftop for breaking my, Jocko, Koreo, Buster and Cheay's picker pens! Come on, Cy! Let's do it!

Cy: I'm with you, Chucko!

They try to do so but are stopped by King Bob.

King Bob: Nice try but you are not going to push Betsy off the rooftop.

Chucko: Really?!

(they hold guns)

Cy: Maybe this will change your freaking mind!

Jordan: If you take a bullet to King Bob's face!

Jerome: We swear to God we will call the cops!

(they put the guns down)

Cy and Chucko: Yes Jordan and Jerome!

Jordan: Good! I will call your father!

Jerome: So do I!

(at home)

Mr. Kowalski: Cy and Chucko, I heard you tried to push Betsy off the rooftop and then threatened to murder King Bob! Is that true?

Cy: Yes.

Chucko: We did both of these things.

Mr. Kowalski: Well sons, trying to push Betsy off the rooftop is one thing, but why did you have to threaten King Bob with a gun?!

Cy: Oh Dad, we...

Mr. Kowalski: If you're going to apologize, it's not going to work! You are both grounded grounded grounded grounded for six days! Go to your rooms now!

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