Transcript part 5 Edit

(K.C undercover credits)

(We see Lydia Deetz And a group of kids)

Lydia deetz: (Rapping) Yo! K.C undercover is pretty cool my friends

Peyton: what are you rapping about?

lydia deetz: if you know what is next, i’ll Tell you! (Raps)

Transcript 6 Edit

(Kablam credits)

(We see Lydia Deetz And Professor kukui)

lydia deetz: (Henry and June impression) one, two, three, four

I wash my hands and my fingers too

Professor kukui: Scrub, Scrub, It's good for you!

Lydia Deetz: Soap and Water to remove the dirt

Washing your hands is very smart

I like Ice Cream and Chocolate

I eat them all and that's not smart

I have to brush my teeth at night

Professor kukui: Up and down, yeah that's right!

Lydia Deetz: With my friends I play in the park

Mud and Grass sure leave some marks

I love my bath with bubbles and plannies

Lydia Deetz And Professor kukui: When I'm done I'm clean as a penny!

lydia deetz: ha... all done

Professor kukui: Oh lydia, anyone needs to be ready? But on second thought, mr bean is next, and, he i helping the scouts, so the episode of mr bean will be called, scout bean

lydia deetz: cool! I hope mr bean says dib dib dib, that will make me laugh

Transcript part 7 Edit

(Mr bean credits)

(We see Pokedex rotom And Professor kukui)

Pokedex Rotom: that was mr bean the animated series, everything is now peace and look at the children having a party

Professor kukui: thanks rotom, you know what, I can give your little rotom a bath

Pokedex rotom: And i’m Ready for the people to see a episode of are you afraid of the dark

professor kukui: that’s right

Pokedex Rotom: And tonight is the tale of the prom queen, stay tuned

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