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(Radio singing the cbeebies wash song)

Henry: it's been fun to play with dirt, getting grubby doesn't hurt

June: but at the end of messy play

Henry and June: it's time to clean the dirt away

June: before I eat, I have a wash

Henry: rub a dub, splish splash splosh

Henry and June: this is what I always do To wash off germs and stinky poo

Henry: soap on my fingers and in between, make sure that they are really clean

June: rinse and dry, then I'm done

Henry and June: a wash with CBeebies is so much fun.

(song finishes, Lydia brushes her teeth, after that)

Lydia deetz: man I did a great job brushing my teeth and take a shower.

Professor kukui: lydia! What are you doing?

lydia deetz: i’m getting myself ready

Professor Kukui: you can’t stay here, eh?

(at 6pm)

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