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(In the final scene, we see the Citv presenters from past, Ash Ketchum and his friends, the purple hand gang, the best boys, and the secret club, Clarissa and Sam ankers, mr magoo, mr bean, Fun house hosts pat sharp and the grant sisters, the kablam hosts, K.C and Ernie Cooper, Dan Henderson And Dana, the Sesame Street muppets, axel manning, Will vandom, chiro, , the kid chorus, the muppet babies, robotboy, tommy, Lola, gus, rocko, the rocket power gang, the Olsen twins, the students of Third Street Elementary School, wilt michaels, the students of P.S 118, spongebob, s club 7 and the spice girls all gathered together to sing one final song "Number XX". To the tune of the Simpsons Theme Song, the cast sings to the audience and tells them that they hope they enjoyed this year's residential show)

Citv presenters, and old Citv characters: We hope you've enjoyed this year's Halloween show: Treehouse of Horror Number X-X!

(as they finish the song, the Roman numerals for Citv 2006 logo land down behind them. Professor kukui then shushes the audience (ala Gracie Films) and gestures at lydia Deetz, who has fallen asleep.)

Professor kukui: Shhhhh!

(points to Lydia deetz, who is sleeping)

(the end)

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