At the lounge, Clyde Philmore had a plan.

Clyde: I am going to destroy the couch! 

Clyde jumped up on the couch and then he slammed it. Clyde jumped off the couch and he threw it at the wall, destroying the couch.

Clyde: Yay! I destroyed the couch! 

Just then, Clyde's parents walked in, getting very annoyed.

Clyde: Oh no! It's my mum and dad!

Clyde's dad: Clyde, how dare you destroy our couch?! That couch costed 350 dollars, thanks to you! Now we need to buy a new couch because of you! That's it, you are grounded! Go to your room right now! 

Then Clyde did as he was told. 


Steven as Clyde Philmore 

Diesel as Clyde's dad 

Allison as Clyde's mum

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