At the supermarket, Clyde Philmore had a plan.

Clyde: I am going to set the supermarket on fire!

Clyde picked up a matchbox, and he picked up a match. Then Clyde picked up a stick, and then he lit it. Then Clyde threw a burning stick at the supermarket to set it on fire. Then the supermarket was on fire!

Clyde: Yay! I finally set the supermarket on fire! Yay! I finally set the supermarket on fire! 

Then Phil the head Woodchuck Scout came, and Clyde was horrified. 

Clyde: Uh-oh! It's Phil!

Phil was very annoyed with Clyde. 

Phil: Oh my god! Clyde Philmore! How dare you set the supermarket on fire! That's it! I am calling your parents and the fire department! 

Clyde fled on the way home, and Phil picked up a phone to phone Clyde's parents up. 

Phil: Hello! Is this Clyde's mom and dad? Your son Clyde just set the supermarket on fire! Can you ground him please? OK! Thanks! Bye! 

Back home, Clyde's parents were furious with Clyde.

Clyde's dad: Clyde, we cannot believe you set the supermarket on fire! Now it will take three weeks to rebuild it because of you setting the supermarket on fire!

Clyde's mum: That's it, you are grounded! Go to your room right now!

Then Clyde did as he was told. 


Steven as Clyde Philmore 

Eric as Phil

Diesel as Clyde's dad

Allison as Clyde's mum

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