At Clyde's house, Clyde Philmore and his friend Koreo were confronting Thaddeus T. Third V and Mayor Fitzhugh. They started taunting at Thaddeus T. Third V and Mayor Fitzhugh by scheming and sticking their tongues at them, and Thaddeus and Mayor Fitzhugh started crying. Just then, Clyde's dad and Koreo's dad came, and they were furious with their sons, much to their horror. Thaddeus and Mayor Fitzhugh were furious too. 

Clyde's dad: Clyde and Koreo, how dare you taunt, scheme and stick your tongues to Thaddeus T. Third V and Mayor Fitzhugh?! 

Koreo: Thaddeus T. Third V and Mayor Fitzhugh make fun at us!

Clyde's dad: You're grounded! Clyde, go to your room now! No dessert for you! 

Koreo's dad: Koreo, let's go home now! When we get home, you will go to your room and there will be no dessert for you! 

Clyde went back in his house on the way to his room, while Koreo's dad sent Koreo home in disgrace.


Steven as Clyde Philmore

Joey as Koreo 

Diesel as Clyde's dad

Paul as Koreo's dad

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