Cornchip Girl-Kayla

Larton, Security Guard and Lieutenant LaMaise-Wiseguy





Cornchip Girl's angry voice-Kidaroo

King Bob-Eric



Cornchip Girl does a good job.


Cornchip Girl: Man, I can't believe my friend Gus Griswald got sent to the Mental People's Homes all because he wished cancer on Breana. I want to get an iTunes gift card at WalMart.

At WalMart, Cornchip Girl was proud.

Cornchip Girl: There's the $25 gift card. I'm going to get it.

Cornchip Girl got the gift card. Later, Tilly Baconmaker was crying.

Lexi: What's wrong Tilly? Why are you crying?

Tilly: Mom, that girl got the gift card I wanted.

Lexi walks to Cornchip girl.

Lexi: Excuse me but my daughter really wanted that gift card. Can you give it to her?

Cornchip Girl: What?! No way! I found it first so I deserve it!

Lexi: Excuse me?! You don't EVER talk to me like that!

Cornchip Girl: I got a better idea! Why don't we go across the street to buy a diamond ring so you won't have to engage me?!

Lexi: I said don't talk to me like that!


Lexi: For the last time, do not threaten me like that! One more outburst and I will call the police!

Meanwhile, King Bob and Tara heard what was going on.

King Bob: Am I thinking what I'm thinking?

Tara: Yes. That girl is having an argument with this entitled parent all because her daughter wanted something she already found.

Cornchip Girl: I found the gift card so it's mine!

The store manager comes in to break up the fight.

Manager: Break it up, break it up! I turn my back and you two are having a quarrel!

Cornchip Girl: For my side of the story, I was the first one to find the gift card!

Lexi: And for my side of the story, I tried to ask her nicely to give the gift card she found to my daughter but she refused!

Manager: That's it! You're both in trouble! I'm calling 91...

Lexi punches the manager in the nose.

Manager: Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!

Later, Cornchip Girl, Fred, Lexi, Larton and Tilly are in the store conference room.

Security Guard: Now that we're all aware of the situation, we're going to talk about some consequences now. (to Cornchip Girl) Theresa LaMaise, since you stood up to yourself after confirming you found the item you wanted first, you get to have it for free. (to Lexi Bacomnaker) And Lexi, it was going to be smooth, just a little talk and a warning but since you threw the first punch and gave our manager a bloody nose, you're banned from coming to this WalMart for one month! Get out now!

Later in the car, Lexi was nervous.

Lexi: Fred, are you angry?

Fred: No. We shoud have gone there earlier before Cornchip Girl came here.

Larton: I agree with you Mom and Dad. 

Lexi: I'm sorry Larton and Fred. I didn't know Cornchip Girl saw the item first.

Fred: It's okay, but now we have to wait one month before we can apologise to the security guard and the manager of WalMart.

Back at the Navy Ship, Lieutenant LaMaise was pleased.

Lieutenant LaMaise: Theresa, I'm glad you're back safe and sound. Did you behave?

Cornchip Girl: Yes, I did and I also had an argument with this entitled parent whose daughter wanted the item I wanted. Later, we had a conference meeting and the security guard let me have the item I wanted for free.

Lieutenant LaMaise: Who was that entitled parent you were arguing with?

Cornchip Girl: It was Lexi Baconmaker. Her daughter Tilly really wanted the item I found first but Lexi clearly was the one who made everything escalate. I'm sure she's banned from coming back to WalMart for one whole month.

Lieutenant LaMaise: Thanks for behaving and standing up for yourself. You are now ungrounded forever. You can do whatever you like.

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