Cornchip Girl-Kayla

Baby Ice Princess-Princess

Ice Princess-Julie

Bowser-Scary Voice

Lieutenant LaMaise-Wiseguy


Cornchip Girl does a good job.


Cornchip Girl: Man, I really hate Baby Ice Princess! She's even worse than Bowser Jr and Baby Bowser! I'm going to wish cancer on her! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Cornchip Girl went to Dark Bowser's house.

Bowser: I'm sorry Dark Bowser killed Barney. You will get Barney DVDs.

Baby Ice Princess: Thank you Dad. You're the best.

Cornchip Girl walked in.

Cornchip Girl: Oh my Goodness! Baby Ice Princess, how dare you become better than Dark Bowser?! I wish you had cancer!

Bowser: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Cornchip Girl, how dare you wish cancer on our daughter?! Now you made her cry thanks to you! That! Is! It! We're calling your father!

Cornchip Girl: No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no! Don't call my father! I'm sorry for wishing cancer on Baby Ice Princess!

Ice Princess: Too bad! Go back to your Navy Ship! We're calling your father and we're going to tell him what you just said to our daughter! 

Cornchip Girl leaves the house as Ice Princess calls Lieutenant LaMaise.

Lieutenant LaMaise's voice: This is Lieutenant LaMaise speaking.

Ice Princess: Your daughter Theresa wished cancer on our daughter Baby Ice Princess! Now she's in her room crying and she can't stop! Can you punish her for this?

Lieutenant LaMaise's voice: Absolutely not!

Ice Princess: What?!

Lieutenant LaMaise's voice: How dare you try to get my daughter in trouble?! You know that Bowser Jr, Baby Bowser and Baby Ice Princess can't be Dark Bowser's siblings! Take them out or else I will call the police!

Bowser: Hey! Don't you dare talk to my wife like that! Dark Bowser is the troublemaker, not Bowser Jr, Baby Bowser or Baby Ice Princess!

Lieutenant LaMaise's voice: I don't care! That's it! I'm going to block you from my contacts! Good day!

Lieutenant LaMaise hung up his phone in a huff.

Back on the Navy Ship, Cornchip Girl walked inside and her father was proud.

Lieutenant LaMaise: Theresa, thank you for wishing cancer on Baby Ice Princess. You know Dark Bowser is way better than her. You are now ungrounded. Go and hang out with Gus Griswald while I call Tina to take Bowser Jr, Baby Bowser and Baby Ice Princess to the Mental People's Homes. That way Dark Bowser will be the only child from now on.

Cornchip Girl: Thank you. You're the best.

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