Crying voices is what the troublemaker does when he/she runs to his/her room. Normally, the crying voices are replaced with the following.

  1. Homer Simpson's big No sound
  2. Spike's big No sound
  3. Zurg saying "Curse you Buzz Lightyear!"
  4. Plum Pudding's big No sound
  5. Uncle Ian's big No (Alvin and the Chipmunks) after he finds out he captured the wrong victims
  6. The Artist at Sea's big No (SpongeBob Squarepants) after he learns he must bring a pencil sharpener
  7. Dr. Robotnik saying "I hate that hedgehog!", "I hate seafoods & hedgehogs!", "I hate babies! almost as much as I hate hedgehogs!", "I hate chili dogs & I hate that hedgehog!", "I hate turtles! I hate tails! I hate that hedgehog!, (for 2 Dr. Robotniks) "We hate that hedgehog!"
  8. Horrid Henry's big No sound
  9. Eric Cartman's crying sound
  10. Fanboy's crying sound
  11. Bendy (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends)' crying sound
  12. Nathan Explosion's big No sound
  13. Principal Skinner's big slow-motion No sound

The regular crying voices are only used by the grounders (mostly moms and female nontroublemakers who ground Recess bullies) and Jay Jay the Jet Plane to cry back at them.


In 2017, Ivy, Joey, Kendra, Kimberly, and Salli's crying voices were removed so if you make them say waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, they only say wa.

On Plotagon, if you make the character say Wa., they say Washington, as WA is the postal abbreviation for the state of Washington.

Elizabeth (Vocalware) has a weird crying sound.

Alan and Grace's crying voice sound almost the same.

Bridget and Hugh's crying voices sound similar.

International crying voices are mostly used (i.e Carmen, Spanish, Charlotte, French etc.)

When someone is voiced by Princess, she mostly uses her old crying voice.

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