CubedCoconut (known as Vladimir Mchumba “Coconut Robinson“ or Hajimari Feathers) He is Russian and Swahili-American Artist who made his Debut in April 2016

Voice by: Kidaroo or Young Guy

Born: 1992

Favorites Stuff: Steven Universe,The Owl House,Hazbin Hotel,OK KO Let’s be Heroes,Adventure Time,Inside Out,Star vs the Forces the Evil,Sonic,Phineas and Ferb,Fosters home for Imaginary Friends,Gravity Falls,Timeless Gear,Club Penguin,Tribal Warrior Gems,MrChaseComix,Cartoonsaur,Blushmallet,McDonald’s,Burger King,Taco Bell,KFC,Subway,Jack in the Box,Dairy Queen,Rated M Games,Rated R or NC-17 Films,Don Bluth Movies,Porn Sketches,Cats,Classic Music,Swag Music,Baten Kaitos Origins,Super Smash Bros,The Simpsons,South Park,Family Guy,Rick and Morty,Happy Tree Friends,Rayman Legends,Rayman Adventures,Bruce Timm

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