Cujo Im Gonna Trip Over Darwin Hahahahahaha

When Cujo Trips Over Darwin

Darwin Ow My Leg Cujo How Dare You Trip Me Over

Darwin We Don,t Trip Over People

Gumball What is Going On Here

Darwin Look What Cujo Did To Me

Gumball What Did He Do

Darwin He Tripped Over Me Also My Leg Is Broken

Gumball Cujo How Dare You Trip Over My Buddy Darwin

Gumball I Have Got Something To Tell You You Will Be Watching Baby Shows Like Barney Bob The Builder Thomas And Friends Super Why Dinosaur Train Curious George Sid The Science Kid Teletubbies Dora The Explorer The Roly Mo Show Yo Gabba Gabba Fimbles Paw Patrol Caillou Peppa Pig Sesame Street and Bear And The Big Blue House

Darwin Also You Will Be Watching Girl Shows Like My Little Pony Hello Kitty Strawberry Shortcake Disney Princess Shimmer and Shine Barbie and Polly Pocket

Gumball Thats It Go Home Right Now

At Home

Kitty Katswell Cujo How Dare You Trip Over Darwin

Kitty Katswell You Know That We Are Not Aloud To Trip Over People Who Fall and Hurt Themselves

Kitty Katswell Thats It You Are Grounded For 5 Weeks

Kitty Katswell There Will Be No Sonic X No Super Mario No Horror Movies No Pokemon No Hanging Out With Gumball No In An-Out No Games Go To Your Room And Stay There

Cujo Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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