Amy Rose: OwOwOwOwOwOw

Sonic: Amy, Whats Wrong?

Amy: My Water Just Broke

Sonic: Oh, Dear, Poor, Girl

Amy: Uh Oh, The Baby is Coming

Sonic: I Better Get You To The Doctors

(at The Doctors)

Dr Mario: Is She Going To Be Okay

Sonic: Yes!

Dr Mario: Right, Young Lady I Need You To Push

Dr Mario: Push Push Push Push Push Push

Dr Mario: Congrats, Its A Boy

Dr Mario: What Will You Name Him?

Amy: I Will Name Him Flash

Sonic: He Looks Cute

Cujo: Oh My God, That Baby Looks So Stupid

Sonic: Ohohohohohoh Cujo, How Dare You Call Me and Amy's Baby Stupid

Sonic: Thats It! I'm Calling Your Mom

(At Home)

Kitty Katswell: Cujo, How Dare You Call Sonic and Amy's Baby Stupid! You Are Very Very Very Very Very Ungreatful

Kitty Katswell: Thats It! You Are Grounded Grounded Grounded Grounded Grounded For 5914 Years

Kitty Katswell: Now Go Upstairs To Your Room Now, And Start Watching Barney, Teletubbies, Dora The Explorer, Thomas And Friends, Bob The Builder, Sid The Science Kid, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Sesame Street, Bear In The Big Blue House, PB&J Otter, Rolie Polie Olie, Stanley, The Book Of Pooh, Jay Jay The Jet Plane, Gerald McBoing Boing, Arthur, Caillou, Blue's Clues, Super Why, And Others Not Made By National Geographic!

Cujo: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Kitty Katswell: Oh man! Cujo is such a bad bad bad bad bad animal!

(At Sonic’s House)

Amy: don't worry about Cujo I will give you a bottle


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