Custard: What have we Here Junior (1994) this could be it.

(109 minutes later)

Custard: Wow Mpreg film Sweet don't mind if i download Mpreg images on Deviantart.

(Custard downloads Mpreg images of Gumball)

Gumball Watterson: Hey Custard... Is that Mpreg images of Me?

Custard: Yep.

Gumball Watterson: Custard Mpreg is inappropriate and What Film is that, Why is Alex Hesse have Pregnancy?

Custard: It's Called Junior (1994).

Gumball Watterson: Custard How Dare you Watch Junior (1994) and Download Mpreg Images of Deviantart? You know they're stupid! That's It Your Grounded Grounded Grounded Until Christmas! By the Way I'm Calling my friends to delete all Mpreg Images!

Toothless: Gumball, Can We Help.

Gumball Watterson: You Guys Can Help by Deleting All Mpreg Images on Deviantart and Destroying Junior (1994) DVD!

Spyro: Mpreg!? We'll Get Right On It!

(Spyro Destroying Junior (1994) DVD)

(Red Claw, Tyrannor, Lincoln Loud, Toothless, Po, Alex, Crash Bandicoot and Lewis Robinson Deletes Mpreg Images)

Custard: No No No! Download them Back!

Gumball Watterson: Never! Mpreg shouldn't bee part of Life!

Red Claw: Yeah Custard! You Have Alot to Think About! Now the Freedom League Guards will arrest you!

Freedom League Guard: Custard, you're under arrest for uploading Mpreg images! Because of what you did, you,the Flowerpuffs and the Save-Ums are going to spend time in the cell in the Baron's Fortress until you learn to become good users like Azura, Shigure and Female Kana!

Custard: No way! Not the cell in the Baron's Fortress! Please, I promise I'll be good!

Freedom League Guard: We don't care of what you think, Custard! This is what you will get for uploading Mpreg images! If you ever escape, we'll inject dark eco on you that will turn you and the Save-Ums into werecreatures!

Jay: Before we wrap up this video, I just decided that uploading Mpreg images can be dangerous. This is Jay, the mascot of Jetix, signing off.

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