Custard: Another thing for returning the favor to Azura I'm Gonna make a Grounded Video of Gumball.

(Custard makes Gumball eats his Homework/Grounded)

Custard: There.

(video begins)

Teacher: Gumball Where's your Homework?

Gumball: I Ate It.

Teacher: Go to the principal's office!

(in office)

Principal: Gumball Watterson, why are you here?

Gumball Watterson: I Ate my Homework.</span>

Principal: Gumball Watterson, you know we don't eat our homework! That's it! You're expelled!

(at home)

Nicole: Gumball Watterson, how dare you eat your homework and get expelled! That's it! You're grounded forever!

Gumball: That Tears It! (runs away)

(video ends)

Custard: Gumball Shouldn't though of that he was grounded me.

Gumball Watterson: Custard! Get Down Stairs Now!

(Cuts to: Downstairs with Gumball, Toothless, Spyro, Po, Alex the Lion, Tyrannor, Lincoln Loud, Carnotaurus and Red Claw are angry at him)

Gumball Watterson: I Can't Believe This you've post a Video out of me of Eating my Homework Well I Don't Do That!

Custard: That's what you get for not letting me to force Azura to Watch The Visit.

Toothless: We Don't Care Gumball has had Enough of Grounded Videos out of him.

Spyro: That's It You're Grounded Grounded Grounded Grounded Until It's Elora's Birthday.

Red Claw: And Another Thing You Never Threaten Azura with Horror Movies & Shows Like We Told you Not to.

Darwin: Yeah, Gumball is our Friend and he doesn't do what the Troublemakers Do.

Po: You're the Worst User as Skunk.

Alex: Go Upstairs While i Delete Grounded Videos out of Gumball.

Custard: Fine you Idiot Jerks!


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