Custard: If Everybody Thinks Skunk Fu! is a Rip-off to Kung Fu Panda Then Perhaps I'll Watch Skunk Fu! but first I'll download Skunk Fu! right on Hulu.

(Custard downloads Skunk Fu! on Hulu)

Custard: Because Skunk Fu! is banned on Netflix i'll just injoy Skunk's Show on Netflix i'll just give Skunk a Call.

Skunk: Hello?

Custard: Skunk, This is Custard i just Download Your Show on Hulu.

Skunk: Great Am'I Invited?

Custard: Of Course.

Skunk: Yes I'm coming in Gumball's Clubhouse right now.

(Skunk Enters Gumball's Clubhouse)

Custard: Okay Skunk Scene your Here let's Injoy your Show on Hulu.

Skunk: Okay.

(When Skunk and Custard Watched All Skunk Fu!)

Skunk: That Show is Really Great Thinks Custard.

Gumball: Okay Guys we're going to have... Hold On a Second What is Skunk doing at our Club House?

Custard: Um. I Somehow download Skunk Fu! on Hulu.

Gumball: What Are you Kidding Me?

(Gumball looks Shocked how Skunk Fu! is on Hulu)

Gumball: Ooohhh!!! Skunk you leave our Clubhouse Now!

Skunk: I Hope The Red Death and The Muddy Bewilderbeast Won't find out if Skunk Fu! is on Hulu.

Gumball: As for You Custard How Are you Download Skunk Fu! on Hulu and Invited Skunk to Watch it with You you Know That's a Rip-off to Kung Fu Panda.

Spyro: Custard I Herd what Gumball Said you download Skunk Fu! on Hulu That Means You're Grounded Grounded Grounded Until I Get How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World on DVD for my Birthday.

Toothless: This Means I'm Replacing Skunk Fu! on Hulu and Switch it to How to Train Your Dragon and I'll Download How to Train Your Dragon 2 on Hulu so You'll be forced to Watch All 2 Films.

Red Claw: Agree.

Tyrannor: Yeah as a Matter of Fact You'll be forced to Watch Star Wars Films on Hulu if They're Download.

Custard: Before I start, I wish you all were dead from B.B. Hood.

Gumball: How dare you wish us we're all dead from B.B. Hood? That's it! Someone is going to beat you up. Do you know who she is? I'll give you a hint. She is a young girl with magical powers.

Custard: I don't want to be beaten up by Arle.

Gumball: That's right. Arle is going to beat you up!

Arle: This is what you will get for watching Shunk Fu! on Hulu with Shunk. Prepare for some bleeding!

(Meanwhile in Skunk's House)

The Red Death: Skunk How dare you go to Gumball's Clubhouse while Grounded that's the wrong thing for you.

Drago's Bewilderbeast: That's It Your Grounded Grounded Grounded Until How to Train Your Dragon 1 & 2 Appear on Hulu and you won't See Skunk Fu! on Hulu at All.

Skunk: (Runs Upstairs) It's Not Fair!


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