D.W. Starts To Talk Smack To Baldi, and Then She Got Doomed

Cast Edit

  • DW:Princess
  • Baldi:Brian
  • AnimeGirrll:Salli
  • Mr.Reed:Paul
  • Mrs.Reed:Julie
  • Arthur:Brian

Transcript (D.W. Talks Smack To Baldi) Edit

DW:I'm Going To Talk Smack To Baldi. Har (x20) Soi (x20) Rofl (x20)!

Baldi:Oh, Hello D.W. How Are Going Today?


Baldi:Hey, Quit Talking Smack To Me Please.

DW:I Said (Bleep) Off Baldi!

Baldi:OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH! Dora Winifred Reed, What The (Bleep) Is Wrong With You! How Dare You Talk Smack To Me!? Thats Extremely Rude To Me, Thats It, I'm Calling Your Parents!

Transcript 2 (D.W. Gets Beaten Up) Edit

(After Baldi Calls D.W.'s Family)

AnimeGirrll:DW, How Dare You Talk Smack To Baldi, Thats Disrespectful, Thats It, I'll Beat You Up With Baldi's Ruler

D.W.:Ouch! Stop Spanking Me!

Arthur,David, And Jane Reed:Don't Let Your Kids Watch This Videos!



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